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'I'M DONE BEGGING THE PRESIDENT': The full interview with Radd Seiger, family spokesman for #HarryDunn . New evidence emerges proving the government lied about trying to stop Anne Sacoolas leaving The UK. #MOATS  FULL INTERVIEW: | @ggmoats  @RTUKnews 

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Revelations show the Home Office allowed Anne Sacoolas to board the next available flight after the crash that killed Harry Dunn. Did the Home Office even have the powers to allow her to leave? Asks the Spokesmen for the Dunn family.

Brit official told US government Anne Sacoolas could get ‘next flight out’ after Harry Dunn death crash

"RAF Croughton is the hub of the diplomatic community, they are never done doing diplomacy there. Anne Sacoolas must’ve had a much more important role here that they were prepared to let her go..” #HarryDunn  Watch@ggmoats  now:

Hit-and-run fugitive Anne Sacoolas is 'promoted' to new job at CIA's Langley HQ after fleeing UK to escape justice over Harry Dunn's death

Harry Dunn family spokesman @RaddSeiger  tells @SkyNews  that the claims about Anne Sacoolas being an active US intelligence officer who had recently been promoted are “deeply disturbing” and, if proven, would invalidate the claims of diplomatic immunity 2/2

Hit-and-run fugitive Anne Sacoolas is 'promoted' to new job at CIA's Langley HQ after fleeing UK to escape justice over Harry Dunn's death

Father of Harry Dunn: I won't grieve until Anne Sacoolas faces justice

The family of a British teen killed in a road accident involving Anne Sacoolas, the wife of a US diplomat, has called for the UK to block the extradition of Julian Assange to the US, unless Washington agrees to send Sacoolas in the opposite direction.

Harry Dunn’s family has called on the British government to refuse any extradition of Assange unless the U.S. reciprocates by turning over Anne Sacoolas.


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Watch the emotional moment Harry Dunn's family find out Anne Sacoolas has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving. Sacoolas was involved in a crash in which Harry Dunn died, but she left the country claiming diplomatic immunity. More here:

Spokesperson for the family of Harry Dunn Radd Seiger and lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein's alleged victims Lisa Bloom have joined forces to call for Prince Andrew to go to the U.S. for questioning and Anne Sacoolas to be extradited to the UK

The Crown Prosecution Service has charged U.S. diplomat's wife Anne Sacoolas with causing death by dangerous driving in connection with the death of 19-year-old Harry Dunn

Home Secretary Priti Patel has sent an extradition notice to the U.S. Justice department for Anne Sacoolas in connection with the death in a road accident of Harry Dunn

Anne Sacoolas is the name of the US suspect who has fled UK claiming diplomatic immunity after allegedly causing the death of teenager #HarryDunn  near a US air base. She was reportedly on the wrong side of the road at the time of the crash. Via @SkyNews 

Harry Dunn's parents say the "bombshell was dropped" that the woman involved in their son's death was in the room next door to meet them as they met with President Trump. They've refused to meet Anne Sacoolas unless it's on UK soil. More here:

The wife of an American diplomat who collided with a British teen speaks out. Harry Dunn’s family say they are open to meeting Anne Sacoolas and are heading to the U.S. @juliamacfarlane  has the story.

Sky News can reveal that 42-year-old Anne Sacoolas is the American diplomat's wife who was involved in a fatal collision with 19-year-old Harry Dunn and then left the country claiming diplomatic immunity

The British government must demand US diplomat Anne Sacoolas returns to the UK to be questioned over the death of Harry Dunn. It'd be unforgivable if the government placed loyalty to the US government over justice for a killed 19 year old British citizen.

Trump met yesterday with parents of 19-year-old Harry Dunn—then told them the person driving the car that killed their son was in a room nearby. Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn declined Trump’s offer to meet with Anne Sacoolas. "We didn't want to be railroaded...into a meeting.”