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FBI investigation is standard procedure.

That’s what Anita Hill got.

Dr Christine Blasey Ford wants standard procedure.

Republican senators are lying when they say they can’t give Dr Ford standard procedure.

Every Republican senator is lying about that.
Many worry about how Dr Ford’s allegations are being treated, see parallels with Anita Hill and wonder has anything changed. I think the country at large has changed a lot, but not the mindset of certain powerful men in Congress. Will that imbalance be reconciled in November?
The Anita Hill hearings were a travesty but even then there was an FBI investigation and 22 witnesses over 3 days

For Ford, Republicans want no investigation, no witnesses except Ford and Kavanaugh, 1 day

Somehow it’s 27 years later and we are taking allegations less seriously
Anita Hill testified in front of Congress about sexual assault allegations 27 years ago today. “I could not keep silent,” she said. Her bravery began a conversation that was long overdue and one that must continue.
Fact check: The FBI can investigate Dr. Blasey Ford’s allegations as part of its background investigation – that is their job. To say otherwise is FALSE. It investigated Anita Hill’s allegations of sexual harassment against Clarence Thomas. It should investigate this too.
Isn't this exactly what Orrin Hatch said about Anita Hill?

“The claims are wholly unverifiable, and come at the tail-end of a process that was already marred by ugly innuendo, dishonesty, and the nastiest form of our politics." - Orrin Hatch today on accusation against Kavanaugh
In 1991, the FBI reopened a background investigation. Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas were interviewed. Every day more people came forward claiming firsthand knowledge of the events. It’s time for the FBI to do the same today. Why are Republicans resisting an investigation?
Anita Hill did not risk it all for us to ignore the Christine Blasey Ford.
Republicans have learned nothing from Anita Hill. President Bush asked the FBI to do its job and investigate Hill’s allegations, which it did. Now, under the Trump administration, Republicans want to do even less by blocking any investigation into Dr. Blasey Ford’s allegations.
Today is a good day to remember that Anita Hill alleged gross sexual harassment by a man now sitting on the Supreme Court.
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