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New York’s @JackShainman  Gallery is hosting the first comprehensive exhibition dedicated to Andy Warhol’s photography from 1967 to 1987

Photography was Andy Warhol’s secret weapon. A new gallery show in New York highlights many of his rarely seen images.

Volkswagen illustrates the Beetles’ influence in pop culture with cameos by Andy Warhol and Kevin Bacon in a touching farewell ad

Andy Warhol Hosts Frank Zappa on His Cable TV Show, and Later Recalls, "I Hated Him More Than Ever" After the Show

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PITTSBURGH LAST CHANCE! Added show Sunday tomorrow 1/19-2020 9:30pm, very few tickets left- watch me embarrass a ventriloquist dummy LIVE! @PghImprov  with cashlevy ! WebLink in biography! @ The Andy Warhol Museum

Photography was Andy Warhol’s secret weapon. A new show highlights many of his rarely seen images.

What if Andy Warhol’s Factory was a Brooklyn e-commerce start-up? Andy Blank shows The Daily Beast inside his unique fine art factory.

Moon Walk by Andy Warhol c ArtPicsChannel

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TIME Magazine commissioned Andy Warhol to paint a portrait for its March 1984 cover story on Michael Jackson. That portrait now hangs in the National Portrait Gallery, part of the Smithsonian Institution. It is one of the most respected art museums in the world. #MJLegacy 

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Corbyn looked ridiculous tonight because his glasses were slightly awry. HAHAHA. Vote for a statesman like Boris as the country deserves a man in an ill fitting suit and an Andy Warhol wig who decimated the London Fire Service then blamed them for Grenfell. #leadership 

Happy Birthday Andy Warhol. Pop Culture was in Art, now ART's in POP Culture in Me! He continues to inspire me, and everything, everywhere..

Well done! Love it! RT @Caleb_LG : @ladygaga  we talked about Andy Warhol today in Art and I was on point with that shit!! (;

The Burger King spot featuring deceased Andy Warhol was terrible. And it cost 5 million dollars. More of that and I might go socialist.

"..the power of anticipation..there is no better boost in the present than an invitation into the future." -Andy Warhol#wednesdaywisdom 

"I had a lot of dates, but I decided to stay home and dye my eyebrows." -Andy Warhol