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CURSES! Bill Barr's Plot To Jail Ex-FBI Guy Andy McCabe FOILED AGAIN! by @5DollarFeminist 

CURSES! Bill Barr's Plot To Jail Ex-FBI Guy Andy McCabe FOILED AGAIN! -- by @5DollarFeminist 

“Clearly the sport is in crisis right now,” Andy Barr said from his office in Washington, D.C. “What we need to do is come together, not put our heads in the sand, and recognize the American people won’t tolerate a sport that is perceived as unsafe.”

Letters to the Editor: Dangerous jaywalking, Andy Barr’s mailer, kudos to teacher

NEW: Andy Barr'>Congressman Andy Barr (R-KY) says Democrats using the term "assassination" to describe the slaying of Qasem Soleimani are using "the language of Tehran" - The Intercept

While other Kentucky lawmakers have yet to offer their thoughts on the U.S. airstrike that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, U.S. Rep. Andy Barr took to Twitter last night to praise the military action.

Op-Ed: ‘A stain on his record.’ Responding to Andy Barr’s arguments against impeachment.

Op-Ed from Rep. Andy Barr: Democrats impeached Trump not because of facts but because they don’t like him

Rand Paul, Andy Barr and other Kentucky congressmen weigh in on the Trump impeachment


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Heading to the Great State of Kentucky - Big Rally for Congressman Andy Barr - Fantastic guy, need his vote for MAGA! Strong on Crime, Tax Cuts, Military, Vets & 2nd A. His opponent will NEVER vote for us, only for Pelosi. Andy has my Strongest Endorsement!!! See you in Kentucky.

Big day! Pastor Andrew Brunson, who could have spent 35 years in a Turkish prison, was returned safely home to his family today. Met in Oval Office, great people! Then off to Kentucky for a Rally for Congressman Andy Barr. Tremendous crowd & spirit! Just returned to White House.

Congressman Andy Barr of Kentucky, who just had a great debate with his Nancy Pelosi run opponent, has been a winner for his State. Strong on Crime, the Border, Tax Cuts, Military, Vets and 2nd Amendment, we need Andy in D.C. He has my Strong Endorsement!

Rep. Andy Barr invited AOC to come meet coal miners in his district mad that the Green New Deal will take away their jobs. She accepted. Turns out there are no active coal mines in Barr's district because it's 2019, not 1919. So now Barr is uninviting AOC.

Now we have a perfect illustration: Rep. Andy Barr invited AOC to get mugged by, I mean, talk to coal miners in his KY district about the Green New Deal. But it turns out that there aren't any coal miners in his district! 2/

#KENTUCKY : Happy to have Andy Barr () heading back to Washington to protect our right to self-defense! #2A  #NRA  #ElectionNight 

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NBC News projects Andy Barr'>Republican Andy Barr is reelected in KY-6, defeats @AmyMcGrathKY  -- a blow for Democrats tonight

BREAKING: Andy Barr'>Republican Andy Barr wins re-election to U.S. House in Kentucky's 6th congressional district. #APracecall  at 8:43 p.m. EST. election coverage: #Election2018  #KYelection 

“I am further left, I am more progressive, than anyone in the state of Kentucky.” –Amy McGrath McGrath is out of touch with everyday Kentuckians. Andy Barr will fight for you- and for conservative values.