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Andrew Yang: "Multiple campaigns have reached out and it's flattering to be considered for a VP role or any role in someone's campaign."

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said multiple presidential campaigns have reached out to him about potentially supporting their campaigns

Andrew Yang: "Multiple campaigns have reached out" about his potential support

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Michael Bloomberg's campaign has sought AndrewYang's endorsement and floated the possibility of Yang becoming his running mate, people familiar with the talks said

Bloomberg campaign sought Andrew Yang’s backing, floated VP spot. via @WSJ 

Bloomberg’s campaign reportedly reached out to Andrew Yang in hopes of winning his endorsement — and noted a "possibility” of naming Yang as a running mate.


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Andrew Yang criticizes the caucus process: "If you're going to be a democracy, and you're trying to empower voters, why would you make it harder for people to vote in your earliest nominating process?" #cnnelection 

As Andrew Yang participates in a CNN Town Hall tonight, here's what he won’t tell you: His Universal Basic Income proposal would require massive tax increases. It would cost Americans roughly $3 TRILLION a year—the current annual federal budget is ~$4 trillion.

BREAKING: Andrew Yang is suspending his presidential campaign.

BREAKING: Andrew Yang is dropping out of the Democratic presidential race for White House. “The decision was pretty clear,” Yang’s campaign manager tells me. “It doesn't feel honest to keep taking money and enthusiasm from our supporters, but also from the Democratic Party."

Andrew Yang'>Businessman Andrew Yang: "It's both an honor and disappointment to be the lone candidate of color on the stage tonight. I miss Kamala [Harris], I miss Cory [Booker], though I think Cory will be back." #DemDebate 

#AmericaNeedsYang trends as 7th Democratic debate proceeds without Andrew Yang on stage

FACT CHECK: Andrew Yang said, "If you go to a factory here in Michigan, you will not find wall-to-wall immigrants, you will find wall-to-wall robots and machines." Yang is right that robots have displaced more workers than immigrants. #DemDebate 

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Naked Andrew Yang Emerges From Time Vortex To Warn Debate Audience About Looming Threat Of Automation #DemDebate2 

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