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2020 candidate Andrew Yang tells @maddow  that universal basic income payments of $1,000 per month would prevent job losses in a changing market from becoming an existential threat to families, and should be part of the Democratic Party platform.

Andrew Yang cites the "truck driver is the most common job in 29 states" factoid to say that automation is a serious threat to middle class livelihoods. The basis for this is a single story from 2015 that was completely debunked

Andrew Yang’s technocratic populism has attracted podcast listeners, tech-industry venture capitalists, libertarians, Trump supporters, and proud Asian-Americans.

Andrew Yang went from a "longer than long shot" to standing on stage at the Democratic debates. Here's how a tech founder who has never run for anything managed to make it this far: It starts with $1,000 a month.

Live now on @MSNBC : 2020 candidate Andrew Yang sits down with @Maddow 

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"As far as I can tell," @paulkrugman  writes, Andrew Yang is "offering an inadequate solution to an imaginary problem"

Andrew Yang’s presidential run might mark Peak UBI, at least for now | By me @AEIdeas ⁩


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"Are you kidding me? You know what's expensive - poisoning our kids!" Andrew Yang'>Businessman Andrew Yang condemns the "all-mighty dollar running our society," says "safe drinking water is a fundamental human right." #ClimateTownHall 

FACT CHECK: Andrew Yang said, "If you go to a factory here in Michigan, you will not find wall-to-wall immigrants, you will find wall-to-wall robots and machines." Yang is right that robots have displaced more workers than immigrants. #DemDebate 

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Democratic candidates chuckle at Andrew Yang, somewhat proving his point that politicians who think they know better haven't solved our problems? #DemDebate 

Andrew Yang is explaining the dangers of automation to the masses. And as voters realize he is serious and substantive, his campaign is gaining steam.

Andrew Yang’s campaign manager just called to tell me that at tomorrow night’s debate, Yang will be doing "something no presidential candidate has ever done before in history.” He declined to go further than that.

"We have to stop running around after Trump's tweets," says 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang on the President's comments toward Rep. Elijah Cummings' Baltimore district. "He is who he is. We have to solve the problems on the ground that got him elected."

Andrew Yang Loads Shotgun As Hissing, Crackling Copy Machine Lurches Towards Campaign Staff

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Naked Andrew Yang Emerges From Time Vortex To Warn Debate Audience About Looming Threat Of Automation #DemDebate2 

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