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BREAKING NEWS: The Washington Post is reporting that DNI Dan Coats is in hot water after his interview with Andrea Mitchell earlier today, with one official claiming that Coats has “gone rogue.”

Andrea Mitchell: ‘We are going to have to put Mitch McConnell on a milk carton’ because he’s missing amid shutdown

Former President Carter tells Andrea Mitchell that President Trump made a "serious mistake" in his reaction to John McCain's death.

Sarah Silverman, Andrea Mitchell, and now Natalie Portman -- all famous Jewish-American women unafraid to recently take a public stand and/or question Israel's policies of injustice and human rights violations.

State Dept Heather Nauert Schools NBC Andrea Mitchell: Andrea soooo worried Trump said mean things about North Korea

Andrea Mitchell@mitchellreports  being kicked out of State department presser...full support and encouragement to her. Solidarity.

Kathleen Willey calls out Andrea Mitchell, Jake Tapper for spinning sexual assault allegations as "infidelities."…