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4 digital marketing analytics secrets every business should know via @stevekrohn
7 Social Media Analytics and Reporting Tips for Becoming a Data-Savvy Marketer via @stevekrohn
Trump campaign analytics company contacted WikiLeaks about Hillary Clinton's emails
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The best healthcare analytics companies are ranked in KLAS study - and @HealthCatalyst is on top
JMC Analytics: Doug Jones (D) 48 percent, Roy Moore (R) 44 percent.
Kushner-who took out Christie, ran campaign's analytics and helped install Mike Flynn-paints himself as an innocent.
This year's World Series pits the team with the largest analytics department (LAD) against the team most aggressive in using analytics (HOU)
Blumenthal says Trump campaign analytics company's contact with WikiLeaks about Clinton emails demonstrates evidence of potential collusion
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Paul DePodesta's comments from last year on how owners get scared during the analytics process:
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