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Since the human genome was sequenced, we've been far too DNA-centric in our thinking for understanding for health & disease. Time to think multi-modal, including physiome (sensors), microbiome, immunome, epigenetics & environment (exposome). That will require for ana#AIlytics.
"Avraham (Avi) Berkowitz, served as Assistant Director of Data Analytics on the Trump Campaign... The Committee has reason to believe that Mr. Kushner may have dispatched Mr. Berkowitz to meet with Russian Ambassador Kislyak in December 2016."
7 Social Media Analytics and Reporting Tips for Becoming a Data-Savvy Marketer via @stevekrohn
4 digital marketing analytics secrets every business should know via @stevekrohn
NEW: Facebook announces suspension of Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) and its data firm, Cambridge Analytica, the data analytics operation that helped Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election, for violating platform policies.
Game of Zones special: @BarackObama invades GoZ to save Sam Hinkie from Chuck and the anti-analytics mob 📝
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My video for Youtube today includes the word "hate" in the title

My analytics service warned me that "hate" is a flagged word and results in demonetization.

So you can get demonetized for saying "I hate pineapple pizza"
Contrary to Rahul’s lies, fact is that data is being used for only analytics using third party service, similar to Google Analytics. Analytics on the user data is done for offering users the most contextual content.
The best healthcare analytics companies are ranked in KLAS study - and @HealthCatalyst is on top
Facebook has suspended another data analytics company following allegations that it misled its users over how their personal details would be used
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