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7 Social Media Analytics and Reporting Tips for Becoming a Data-Savvy Marketer via @stevekrohn
4 digital marketing analytics secrets every business should know via @stevekrohn
(Ok for the few who asked: I checked Twitter analytics shows 319 followers were removed from my account Sunday night --and the number of followers has been locked each day since. So not too many lost. Not sure if new followers can be added.)
The best healthcare analytics companies are ranked in KLAS study - and @HealthCatalyst is on top
$2.86 million: Equivalent advertising time that Nike got from Justin Timberlake wearing his Jordan shoe during halftime, according to Eric Smallwood of Apex Marketing Group, a brand analytics company.
US heading for a jobless rate of 3.5% this time next year, according to chief economist at Moody's Analytics, a level reached only twice since America began keeping such records in 1948. My own view is that it will certainly fall below 4%.
This year's World Series pits the team with the largest analytics department (LAD) against the team most aggressive in using analytics (HOU)
JMC Analytics: Doug Jones (D) 48 percent, Roy Moore (R) 44 percent.
Blumenthal says Trump campaign analytics company's contact with WikiLeaks about Clinton emails demonstrates evidence of potential collusion
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What’s your best Tweet? View your Tweet performance by checking out your Twitter analytics dash.
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