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Two top U.S. cybersecurity officials have announced they've leaving government. Amy Hess at FBI and Jeanette Manfra at DHS are both leaving, they have announced in recent weeks. They both have broad cybersecurity portfolios and deep experience in gov't.

2015 adventure-comedy Don Verdean – from Napoleon Dynamite writer-director Jared Hess and starring Sam Rockwell, Jemaine Clement, Amy Ryan, Danny McBride and Will Forte – airs at 9:25pm tonight on @SBS2 .

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This week, FBI Executive Assistant Director Amy Hess spoke at the International Association of Women Police conference in Anchorage, Alaska. The theme for the conference was "Mentoring the Next Generation," and attendees came from all around the globe. ? by @FBIAnchorage 

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#HappeningNow : FBI EAD Amy Hess is in conversation at the annual @brainstormtech '>Fortun @brainstormtech  conference, speaking abt FBI’s efforts to comba #cyber  threats, threats posed by nation-state actors, & importance of working w/ private sector partners. #FortuneTech 

Amy Hess of the also cites the threat of Iranian cyber attacks, noting the November indictments of two "Iranian national criminal actors " for "deploying ransomeware that crippled hospitals, local governments, to the tune of $30 million in losses to the US. " 5 #ICCE / #ACcyber 

FBI Amy Hess'>Special Agent Amy Hess on cyber issues: 1) Don't pay ransomware crooks b/c it encourages further attacks 2) Proposed "hack back" bill could lead bring unintended consequences #BrainstormTech 

This week, #FBI  EAD Amy Hess spoke to ’s about the evol #ICCEing  threat, how th #cyber  FBI approaches cyber investigations, the importance of domestic and int’l partnerships, and the FBI’s cyber hiring initiatives. ? #ACcyber 

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3/ With cyberattacks originating from nation states and individual citizens around the world, the United States is dependent on international partners to help them “expose [criminals] and to limit their future criminal activity,” the 's Amy Hess says:

The examples of international collaboration on cybersecurity presented by Amy Hess and David Koh are a major motivating factor for convening the ICCE, says . Read a #ACcyberout  the morning on the New Atlanticist by :


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"China's goal is simple: to replace the US as the world's leading super power, " says Amy Hess of the , "and they did and will continue to break societal laws and norms to get there. In fact, we have seen an increasing level of [cyber] sophistication. " 4 #ICCE / #ACcyber 

"Going toe to toe with China, in terms of the cyber threat, is Russia, " says 's Amy Hess, citing recent indictments of Russians for hacking in retaliation against anti-doping officials. "These activities went well beyond acceptable gov't intel operations. " 5 #ICCE / #ACcyber 

Amy Hess, Executive Assistant Director, Criminal, Cyber, Response, & Services Branch at : "[Cyber attacks] have become more and more prevalent in every investigation, in everything we do. We see the threat evolving and growing every day." 1/ #ICCE 

#HappeningNow : FBI Executive Assistant Director Amy Hess delivers remarks at a press conference announcing charges against two Iranian actors for l #cyberunching  the SamSam ransomware. Watch live:

This week, Executive Assistant Director Amy Hess spoke at about her career at the , STEM, & r #FBIcruiting  cyber talent. She encouraged the audience to seize all opportunities in their career. #NatSecGirlSquad 

EAD Amy Hess speaks to FBI employees about her career as a woman in law enforcement #WomensHistoryMonth 

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