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Tragic news in Eastern Montana today. Cindy and I are praying for all those involved in the horrible Amtrak accident. I’m monitoring the situation and reaching out to local county officials and the county sheriff’s department as more information comes to light.

I was saddened to hear about the Amtrak train crash in Roosevelt County, Montana and am being kept apprised of the situation. My thoughts are with the family members and loved ones of the life lost.

I’m deeply saddened to hear about the Amtrak accident in Eastern Montana today, and am working to ensure state, local, and federal partners have the resources they need on the ground immediately.

Amtrak needs $1.5 billion bailout, prepares to cut up to 20% of workforce

At the age 8, Ashley's remarkable story began after the Amtrak train she was riding collided w/ a semi-truck, losing her mother, 2 friends, a niece & her right leg. If you've ever questioned God during a terrible circumstance, you NEED to read this story:

UPDATE: Man killed by Amtrak train in Hamilton purposely ran in front of it, police say

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Supporters of the Gateway Program, a $30 billion project repairing a 10-mile stretch of Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor, have a new argument for their proposal: It could revive the economy of one of the regions hardest hit by COVID-19.

Beginning Monday, Amtrak Pacific Surfliner train service sidelined by the COVID-19 crisis will be partially restored to Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo, rail officials announced Thursday.​


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LATEST >> Amtrak SUSPENDING Acela Nonstop service between DC & NY because of #coronavirus  reducing demand... Starting Tuesday, March 10, (Trains 2401, 2402, 2403) suspended until Tuesday, May 26. #breaking  @wusa9 

People shouldn't have to worry about being shot when going to school, or work, or just living their lives. Which is why I can't comprehend why @BernieSanders has voted to allow guns on Amtrak, on planes, and in national parks. Care to explain, Bernie?

Seems Legit!!! FLASHBACK: Hunter Biden’s One Qualification for Amtrak Board Was Taking Trains

Hey: John Bolton is on my Amtrak train. Gonna go over and say hi.

Woman trapped in elevator. Amtrak tweets back nearly 7 months later, asks if she's still stuck (H/T @OriginalYoni )

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” calls for replacing planes and cars with trains. But an examination of her campaign expense report for the FEC found that she spent seven times as much on airfare as on Amtrak tickets, and there were 534 charges for car services.

BREAKING: Pierce Co. sheriff's spokesperson: "Multiple injuries and fatalities" in Amtrak'>Washington Amtrak train derailment. Live coverage continues on .

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Republican congressmen & senators were using Amtrak? The same Amtrak they applauded Trump last night for promising to cut funds for Amtrak?

The President's budget request on trains was described thusly: "a nearly 13 percent reduction in transportation spending over fiscal 2017 ... and a $630 million reduction in subsidies for long-distance Amtrak routes."