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Jay Amit Shah Attempts to Gag The Wire - The Wire
Great journalism by TV channels ?? Except ABP/NDTV other channels are not running AMIT SHAH Son story. These TVs go mad after opposition.
They want to hide news of 300% increase in Amit Shah's assets.
Let's make it viral. Pl retweet via @thewire_in
Press statement by The Wire on the ex-parte injunction secured by Jay Amit Shah, private citizen via @thewire_in
Site is back up —The Golden Touch of Jay Amit Shah via @thewire_in
Jay Amit Shah, the mythical “Private Citizen”: crony capitalism in its most arrogant form.
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Was Amit Shah's son involved in Money Laundering?
Explains AAP Leader @PreetiSMenon Part-2👇
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If your father is Amit Shah, was demonetisation going to be a surprise for you? We doubt it. Read: #AmitShahKiLoot
BJP Reaction to The Wire Story on Jay Amit Shah Shows Loss of Moral High Ground, Says Yashwant Sinha via @thewire_in
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