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I am anti-Modi, I am anti-Hegde, I am anti-Amit Shah and according to me they are not Hindus: @prakashraaj at India Today #SouthConclave18.
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This is absolutely shocking.

A pattern emerging. All those who investigated Amit Shah anytime in the past are being hounded and Amit Shah roaming free
After Amit Shah and Ajit Doval, is ‘The Wire’ planning to target Arun Jaitley and his daughter with a shabby hitjob? -
They want to hide news of 300% increase in Amit Shah's assets.
Let's make it viral. Pl retweet via @thewire_in
There seems to be a strange pattern connecting cases involving Amit Shah and judges hearing those cases. What the country wants know (and urgently) is: #HowDidLoyaDie
#BREAKING Chaos erupted at @AmitShah's Dalit interaction in Mysuru. Anant Hegde compared Dalits & Seculars to street dogs. Angry Dalit leaders asked BJP President what action is BJP taking on Hegde,Amit Shah said that BJP has nothing to do with Hegde's comment #BattleForKarnataka
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BJP IT cell founder Prodyut Bora quits party; attacks PM Modi, Amit Shah's style via @EconomicTimes: This requires introspection: Swamy
BJP President Amit Shah’s comedy of errors that he began in Karnataka has now achieved national notoriety with his cheap utterances making the news again. This time he also made a barely-veiled reference comparing PM Narendra Modi to a natural calamity.
BJP President Amit Shah has a lunch planned on the day he's supposedly "fasting" together with PM Modi. Is this a fast or a farce? #UpvasKaJumla
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