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Victory for The Wire as Court Lifts Injunction Granted to Jay Amit Shah | Press Relese from The Wire via @thewire_in
They want to hide news of 300% increase in Amit Shah's assets.
Let's make it viral. Pl retweet via @thewire_in
Jay Amit Shah Attempts to Gag The Wire - The Wire
Amit Shah, Son Jay Shah Flout Supreme Court Guidelines at Cricket Body - The Wire
The Wire will appear in the Ahmedabad magistrate's court at 10:30 on Monday in response to the summons issued in Jay Amit Shah's frivolous criminal defamation case against us. At stake are basic media freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and we will fight to defend our rights.
Great journalism by TV channels ?? Except ABP/NDTV other channels are not running AMIT SHAH Son story. These TVs go mad after opposition.
You ask me so many questions & I answer you properly, why don't you ask the PM about Rafale deal? He changed the whole deal for benefit of one businessman. Why don't you ask questions about Amit Shah's son? These are the questions I wanted to ask you: Rahul Gandhi
Whole country knows criminal background of Amit Shah. Can India be mute spectator to CBI being turned into an agency of his henchmen?
Cube Construction received disproportionate favours from the Gujarat govt, and its promoters are very close to Amit Shah. So who was rewarded in this crony-capitalistic dealing of so-called 'Gujarat Model'? #ShahZadaKhaGaya
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