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They want to hide news of 300% increase in Amit Shah's assets.
Let's make it viral. Pl retweet via @thewire_in
Navin Jaihind, convenor of AAP Haryana was arrested last night for showing black flags to Amit Shah along with 20 volunteers. Dictatorship ?
Whole country knows criminal background of Amit Shah. Can India be mute spectator to CBI being turned into an agency of his henchmen?
A top editor told me, Amit Shah is preparing himself to be the PRIME MINISTER. I told Nothing wrong in being ambitious.
#MahatmaGandhi went to jail for India's freedom struggle. Amit Shah was behind bars for fake encounters. No further comment is necessary.
Read Bansal's suicide note. Unable to sleep. Sanjiv Gautam (CBI) etc shud be immediately arrested. Their links wid Amit shah investigated
Amit shah should explain How his property increased by 300% in 5 years ? What business he is doing ?
PM Modi's involvement with a Bangalore girl. Amit Shah snoops on her. KapilMishra's expose in Del assembly
Do you agree with Amit Shah that the BJP government is unfairly blamed for lynchings?
Scenes from Amit Shah's Surat rally. BJP losing Gujarat?
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