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Just got off a call to thank folks who are working hard to help more Americans across the country sign up for health coverage. But it's up to all of us to help spread the word: Sign up through this Friday at
Michelle and I are thinking of the victims and their families in Barcelona. Americans will always stand with our Spanish friends. Un abrazo.
Thank you to all the first responders and people helping each other out. That's what we do as Americans. Here's one way you can help now.
Today the FCC voted along party lines to repeal net neutrality. It is outrageous that they ruled in favor of multi-billion-dollar broadband companies over the interests of consumers. Americans deserve a fair and open internet.
.@realDonaldTrump, you are embarrassing our country and the millions of Americans who fought and died to defeat Nazism.
All Americans R granted rights 2 peaceful protests
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable-JFK
Our hearts go out to those killed and wounded in Manchester. Americans will always stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of the UK.
94% of Americans (93% of gun owners) want background checks on every gun sale. Retweet if you do too.
No American should be separated from their loved ones because of preventable crime committed by those illegally in our country. Our cities should be Sanctuaries for Americans – not for criminal aliens!
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Since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary 5 years ago today, over 150,000 Americans have been killed with guns. WE let this continue. WE refused to demolish the NRA & destroy the gun manufacturers. We refused to examine why only Americans have this kind of continuous violence.
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