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Unattractive | “The Republican Party is clearly becoming an American nationalist (national collectivist) party, combining economic nationalism and government intervention to favor certain business interests, nativism, and foreign policy unilateralism.”

. @allahpundit  frames this well here -- if Trump was suggesting American Jews should show more loyalty to Israel, it's an odd position for an American nationalist to take, essentially advocating dual loyalty for Jews as a positive attribute.

Bannon plays the long game — remains a critical thinker and voice for our anti-establishment, American-nationalist movement.

...I am an advocate. My RealClear articles are opinion pieces and on CNN I hope to persuade people on the American nationalist agenda. I’m also totally transparent and never feign journalism. I wish many others in legacy media were similarly consistent. 3/3


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Wrong Anthony, Steve Bannon is a patriot and an AMERICAN nationalist, nothing to do with race. @Scaramucci 

Trump is obviously not an ethnic nationalist but an American nationalist & this may be why the Left hates him so much

Portland, Ore. mayor calls on organizers to cancel "Trump Free Speech Rally" featuring "American nationalist."

On #ThisDayInHistory  1965, Malcolm X, an African American nationalist and religious leader, was assassinated by rival Black Muslims.

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So we’re all going to feel very pleased with ourselves when the Mexicans replace Pena Nieto with a left-wing anti-American nationalist