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The New Yorker
half man half myth eugene v debs founded the american railway union turned that into the social democratic par
Half man, half myth, Eugene V. Debs founded the American Railway Union, turned that into the Social Democratic Party, and ran for President of the United States five times, including once from prison:
The Atlantic
from 1894 henry j fletcher writes about the labor struggle being waged between the american railway union the
From 1894, Henry J. Fletcher writes about the labor struggle being waged between the American Railway Union, the major railroads, and the federal government. #TheAtlantic160
West Wing Reports
this day 1894 president cleveland ordered federal troops to chicago to put down a strike by employees of the p
This Day. 1894: President Cleveland ordered federal troops to Chicago to put down a strike by employees of the Pullman railway car company. Eugene Debs, president of the American Railway Union, organized the strike after George Pullman cut wages during the 1893 depression (more)
the core of jim kelly s the edge of anarchy describes the boycott of pullman cars and equipment by eugene debs
The core of Jim Kelly's “The Edge of Anarchy” describes the boycott of Pullman cars and equipment by Eugene Debs’s American Railway Union
People's Daily,China
union of south american nations to talk to china on trans oceanic railway financing unasur
Union of South American Nations to talk to China on Trans-Oceanic Railway financing. @unasur
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