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1000 american rabbis sign letter welcoming syrian refugees
1,000 American rabbis sign letter welcoming Syrian refugees
David Akin ??
so if im getting this straight the american president believes children will be safe while learning and congre
So, if I’m getting this straight, the American President believes children will be safe while learning and congregations will be safe while praying if we just make sure teachers, rabbis, priests and deacons are packing heat.
Kenneth Roth
1000 american rabbis recalling shunning of jewish refugees urge welcoming syrian refugees
1000 American rabbis, recalling shunning of Jewish refugees, urge welcoming Syrian refugees.
Los Angeles Times
netanyahu s latest deal which could hand a parliament seat to advocates for jewish supremacy and expulsion of
Netanyahu's latest deal — which could hand a parliament seat to advocates for Jewish supremacy and expulsion of Arabs from Israel — has provoked widespread anger, even from Israeli rabbis and American Jewish leaders who normally offer unwavering support.
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if opposing netanyahu and his right wing brand of politics is a hate crime nearly half of israeli voters and t
If opposing Netanyahu and his right-wing brand of politics is a hate crime, nearly half of Israeli voters and two-thirds of American rabbis would be guilty
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fascinating story of the 16 rabbis who left the central conference of american rabbis ccar annual gathering af
Fascinating story of the 16 rabbis who left the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) annual gathering after hearing a request from Martin Luther King Jr. urging them to come down to St. Augustine, Florida and march with him in 1964. Via @tabletmag.
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jerusalem synagogue attack kills 5 including three american israeli rabbis
Jerusalem synagogue attack kills 5, including three American-Israeli rabbis.
Blake Hounshell
ali was honored by two rabbis a minister a pair of native american chiefs and two buddhist drummers
"Ali was honored by two rabbis, a minister, a pair of Native American chiefs and two Buddhist drummers"
The Associated Press
american reform rabbis warn of alienation from israel after israeli officials belittle their movement
American Reform rabbis warn of alienation from Israel after Israeli officials belittle their movement
The Hill
340 american rabbis support nuclear iran deal
340 American rabbis support nuclear Iran deal:
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