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Results for American People.


Donald J. Trump
on behalf of the american people welcome home
On behalf of the American people, WELCOME HOME!
Donald J. Trump
thank you senator for fighting obstructionist democrats led by cryin chuck schumer democrats continue to look
Thank you Senator @MarshaBlackburn for fighting obstructionist Democrats led by Cryin' Chuck Schumer. Democrats continue to look for a do-over on the Mueller Report and will stop at nothing to distract the American people from the great accomplishments of this Administration!
Mark R. Levin
trump did in fact make a new deal with mexico but the democratic party press will never admit it and will neve
Trump did, in fact, make a new deal with Mexico.  But the Democratic Party-press will never admit it and will never apologize to the American people for misleading the country.....
Michael Skolnik
emma gonzalez a student at marjory stoneman douglas high school an american hero watch this all of it the youn
Emma Gonzalez. A student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

An American Hero.

Watch This.

All of it.

The young people will set us free.
Donald J. Trump
wow fbi made 11 payments to fake dossiers discredited author trump hater christopher steele the witch hunt has
Wow! FBI made 11 payments to Fake Dossier’s discredited author, Trump hater Christopher Steele. The Witch Hunt has been a total fraud on your President and the American people! It was brought to you by Dirty Cops, Crooked Hillary and the DNC.
Donald J. Trump
why should i be defending a fraudulent russian witch hunt its about time the perpetrators of this fraud on me
Why should I be defending a fraudulent Russian Witch Hunt. It’s about time the perpetrators of this fraud on me and the American People start defending their dishonest and treasonous acts. How and why did this terrible event begin? Never Forget!
@voxdotcom 2 weeks
in 1921 white mob destroyed an american neighborhood called black wall street murdering an estimated 300 peopl
In 1921, white mob destroyed an American neighborhood called “Black Wall Street,” murdering an estimated 300 people in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Today marks the 98th anniversary.
Rep. Jim Jordan
comey told congress that after 10 months of investigating july 2016 to may 2017 the fbi had no evidence of col
Comey told Congress that after 10 months of investigating (July 2016 to May 2017,) the FBI had no evidence of collusion.

The question the country has for Bob Mueller: When did he learn that there was no collusion? And once he learned it, why didn't he tell the American people?
Donald J. Trump
democrat leadership is tearing the united states apart but i will continue to set records for the american peo
....Democrat leadership is tearing the United States apart, but I will continue to set records for the American People – and Nancy, thank you so much for your prayers, I know you truly mean it!
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