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Much of what’s playing out in American life in 2020 is powered by some of the most powerful currents from many periods in U.S. history — and has strong links to 1968 in particular, @anthonyted  reports.

Much of what’s playing out in American life in 2020 is powered by some of the most powerful currents from many periods in U.S. history — and has strong links to 1968 in particular, @anthonyted  reports.

Gap year encounter in Nepal that changed an American teen’s life, and the lives she has changed there since by helping rural poor

To @LeonardPittsJr1  I’ve read hou my entire life. You spoke for me as a black male in American and inspired me to become a journalist. My hope is that I did you proud with this piece. “I am a black man. I’m exhausted, angry, scared and out of breath.”

It’s the day care dilemma central to rebooting American life amid the coronavirus pandemic.

90% of the music I have grown up loving, remixing, dancing to at high school dances, listening to at weddings, prepared for funerals, have been from African American artists, I would be nothing without the art of these human beings. These songs have saved my life! #BLM  #equality 

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Rev. Barber: 'Systemic racism is choking the life out of American democracy' via @RNS 

de Blasio: “I’m a progressive and I have spent my life participating in protests. This is not the American progressive protest tradition. This is not the tradition of Dr. King” please, let this end

Jack Johnson — "The Galveston Giant" — became the first African American World Heavyweight champion in 1908. Johnson was larger than life in the heart of the Jim Crow era, and as a dominant champ, he withstood more than any man in boxing's long history.


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We are here to honor the extraordinary contributions of African-Americans to every aspect of American Life, History and Culture. From the earliest days of this Nation, African-American Leaders, Pioneers, & Visionaries have uplifted & inspired our Country...

We are going to fight every way we can to save every life that we can. That’s what it means to be an American and that’s what it means to be a New Yorker.

The same people cheering for the arrest of American citizens for paddle boarding alone & going to church etc are the same people that think it’s a brilliant idea to release criminal pedophiles back into society early. If you’re one of these people reevaluate your life!

Today is National #MedalofHonorDay . Join me in a #MomentofHonor  to remember those who have earned our Nation's highest award for valor in combat. The Nation is eternally grateful to these patriots who so valiantly fought for America’s values and the American way of life!

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On National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day, we honor the more than 500,000 American warriors captured while protecting our way of life. We pay tribute to these Patriots for their unwavering and unrelenting spirit!

A good story gives you the chance to better understand someone else’s life. It can help you find common ground. And it’s why Michelle and I were drawn to Higher Ground’s first film, American Factory. Take a look at our conversation with the directors, and check it out on Netflix.

READ THE TRANSCRIPTS! The Impeachment Hoax is the greatest con job in the history of American politics! The Fake News Media, and their partner, the Democrat Party, are working overtime to make life for the United Republican Party, and all it stands for, as difficult as possible!

Democrats are obstructing good (hopefully great) people wanting to give up a big portion of their life to work for our Government, hence, the American People. They are “slow walking” all of my nominations - hundreds of people. At this rate it would take 9 years for all approvals!

Watching the American flag go up and down the White House flag pole over whether and how to honor the life of John McCain is a perfect symbol for an administration morally and emotionally adrift from common decency.

Senator John McCain was an American patriot and hero whose sacrifices for his country, and lifetime of public service, were an inspiration to millions. Canadians join Americans tonight in celebrating his life and mourning his passing.