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How to watch ‘American Idol’ episode 6 on Sunday: live stream, time, channel

She’s just one song away! It’s ‘American Idol’ finals or bust for Michigan’s Genavieve Linkowski

Michigan’s Amelia Joyce has legit shot to win ‘American Idol:’ How to see if she makes the finals

The singer and "American Idol" alum also opens up about being a queer artist in the music industry.

Katy Perry Says She's the 'Toughest Bitch' on American Idol: 'I'm Going to Be a Good Mom'

Fort Walton Beach local Aliana Jester grew up singing and faces the judges on American Idol Sunday night to see if she will move up to the Top 20! Be sure to cheer her on!

Your @QSP_stuff  Question of the Day is: 20% of people say they learned to text thanks to this TV show. What is it? Answer: American Idol

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Amelia won Alice Cooper's Proof is in the Pudding. Now she's out to conquer 'American Idol'

Amelia won Alice Cooper's Proof is in the Pudding. Now she's out to conquer 'American Idol'


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Katy Perry kissed an 'American Idol' contestant — and he really didn't like it

May every last idol of American Nazism be smashed into dust and may its adherents, sympathizers and facilitators be purged from public life.

American idol is fantastic this year lol.

RANDOM CHUCK NORRIS MOMENT: Chuck Norris won American Idol using only sign language. #FACT 

I'm gonna be on fox 5 news tomorrow after American idol!

this guy is absolutely rad. @QAlexanderXIV  is killing it on American idol :) your voice is awesome, will be voting and supporting you xx

Just turned on American idol! Whoaaaaa!!! Who is this Jessica Sanchez??? She's got my VOTE!!! For real! She's unbelievable!!!