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Markets are relatively flat today with fin tech names like American Express, visa and MasterCard leading the way. We’re seeing declines in Boeing, Home Depot and oil as the market balances itself. Vol still below 13. See my approach to trading options at

Greg O'Hara of @amexgbt  and Certares: "American Express GBT has spent more than $600 mln. on technology - compare that to Tripactions that has raised only $480 mln." #Phocuswright 

American Express is paying some merchants up to $450,000 to start accepting its cards. Here’s what small business owners should know about the sign-up bonus.

American Express is offering sign-on bonuses to some businesses that don’t take its cards in a bid to catch up to rivals Visa and Mastercard

"It may be impossible to offer a precise American parallel to the Pizza Express in Woking, though, if you think of a T.G.I. Friday’s in Fairfax, Virginia, you’re on the right track."

Republicans and Democrats express very different opinions about religion’s impact on American public life.

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American Express offers sign-up bonuses to lure new merchants into accepting its cards

American Express is offering some businesses as much as $450,000 to accept its cards in a bid to catch up to Visa and Mastercard

American Express wants to close the gap with Visa & Mastercard, whose cards are accepted far more widely. To do it, the company is paying businesses of all sizes $10K to $450K to accept AmEx cards & sometimes totally waives all swipe fees. (h/t @JReed193 )

Good news: American Express is reducing the net amount it charges businesses. We need a lot more competition and a lot lower fees on merchants in the payment space. AmEx Is Paying Up to Get Businesses to Accept Its Cards


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“Fuck me chef, there’s a bloke out there who’s eaten a whole American Hot and not broken a single bead of sweat” Overheard in the kitchen at Pizza Express, Woking, March 2001. I imagine. #PrinceAndrew 

On this wonderful Veterans Day, I want to express the incredible gratitude of the entire American Nation to our GREAT VETERANS. Thank you!

I would like to express gratitude to the people of USA for the exceptional welcome, warmth and hospitality. I would also like to thank @POTUS  @realDonaldTrump  and other respected Members of the American Congress and Government.

Meet Candice. Candice a Shero! Candice Payne started it all, ‘impulsively charging 20 hotel rooms on her American Express card after realizing how dangerous this week’s sub-zero temperatures would be’.”

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BREAKING: Mike Pence heading to Bogota, Colombia at the invitation of the President to meet w/ Latin American leaders & express US support for & people of . I will be there Mo #Venezuela  to talk exclusively w/ about how the world can help! #TrishRegan 

Today the President called American citizens who express their political views sons of bitches.

this week you can get your #BELIEVEtour  North American tickets with American Express - tickets are on sale now!

Thursday will be the AMERICAN EXPRESS PRESALE. and in June the whole tour goes on sale! guess who is coming with me!!!