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American Economic Association'>Proposed American Economic Association best practice guidelines say "there is no rulebook for what constitutes economics research" On that see my post "Economics Needs to Tackle All of the Big Questions in the Social Sciences"

How can social insurance systems be redesigned to provide coverage to all? Join us for the 2019 @UNUWIDER  Annual Lecture by Santiago Levy, President of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association, to find out. Today at 17:00 hrs, @IHEID  in #Geneva  #AL2 

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Nobel laureate Esther Duflo this week has rightly highlighted the continuing lack of women and URM in economics. The American Economic Association just released a set of *draft* guidelines on how departments could partially address that:

Diverse scholars at conferences ask different questions, and questions as if not more important than the mainstream. Will McGrew reports Will McGrew: The National Economic Association and the American Society of Hispanic Economists Work to Diversify ...

Here's the final report from the American Economic Association's climate survey: It makes for difficult reading. The economics profession has a long way to go to become truly inclusive. The good news is that we've started doing that work.

For years, the norm at the American Economic Association conference was to conduct interviews in hotel rooms. A memo written by @kathrynholston  revealed the scope and effects of the practice, especially how it affects women and survivors of sexual assault:

The American Economic Association has formed a Committee on the Status of LGBTQ Individuals in the Economics Profession. The name it chose for its semiannual newsletter is a moving one—>

Happy #LaborDay ! The labor movement has been crucial throughout Texas history, ever since the Texas Typographical Association led a strike in 1838 and won its members a 25% raise. The fight to ensure the economic security of every American continues to this day.

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American Economic Association ASSA does away with job interviews in hotel bedrooms at annual conference.

Berkeley's David Card to follow Janet Yellen as president of the American Economic Association.


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The American Economic Association has now set up a confidential #metoo  reporting system staffed by a trained Ombudsperson. It could be a big deal, potentially shifting victims from wondering if they're all alone to understanding that they're part of a larger group with rights.

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Public debt is not a big problem given low interest rates, says -- president of the American Economic Association, both a fine and a very sensible economist. Maybe the issue that dominated policy for years, at great cost, was the wrong issue?

For those interested in serious economic debates, the American Economic Association has a new discussion forum set up by Olivier Blanchard. First up is the question of whether low interest rates are leading to excessive risk-taking

Blanchard is president of the American Economic Association and previously chief economist of the IMF, also one of the world's leading macroeconomists. And what he's basically saying is that a debt-financed Green New Deal could be perfectly OK 2/

Many at the American Economic Association meeting felt that the state of gender equality in economics was unacceptable

Our session on The Economics of Artificial Intelligence at the American Economic Association Annual meeting Jan 8, 2018 with Sue Helper & al #AI  #assa2018 

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The American Economic Association speaks, finally condemning "misogyny, racism, homophobia, antisemitism" within the field.

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The American Economic Association now has an LGBTQ & Friends community, and the first newsletter is a terrific read:

Trump’s science cuts "would cripple American innovation and economic growth”—Association of American Universities