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This activist from the Amazon'>Brazilian Amazon is fighting back against Pres. Bolsonaro's destructive push for economic development.

Hundreds of Amazon employees plan to risk their jobs this week by violating company policy

Here’s how Amazon’s rumored pay-by-hand tech could work >>>

Show HN: I built a website to better compare USB-C hubs found on Amazon

More than 330 Amazon staffers will publicly call out the company for its climate policy, its work with federal agencies and its attempts to stifle dissent

The lifting of restrictions applied only to 301 “whitelisted” sites. Among them were entertainment platforms like Netflix and Amazon and some international news outlets.

NEW from @greene : Amazon employees plan mass defiance of company communications policy in support of colleagues

“More than 330 Amazon employees plan to violate the e-commerce giant’s communications policy, in an unprecedented public display of support for colleagues who were warned they could be fired for speaking out to criticize the company’s climate practices.”

Scoop from @greene : More than 330 Amazon employees are speaking out in protest of the company’s communications policy.


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Amazon CenturyLink Chevron Deere Delta Air Lines Eli Lilly FedEx Gannett General Motors Goodyear Honeywell JetBlue MGM Resorts Netflix Prudential Financial Starbucks Whirlpool Total federal income tax paid by these companies last year: $0

What we would give to have moves like @BTS_twt . Watch the #LoveYourselfTour , now on Amazon Prime Video. Available to rent or buy.

Our house is burning. Literally. The Amazon rain forest - the lungs which produces 20% of our planet’s oxygen - is on fire. It is an international crisis. Members of the G7 Summit, let's discuss this emergency first order in two days! #ActForTheAmazon 

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The Amazon Rainforest produces more than 20% of the world’s oxygen and its been burning for the past 3 weeks. It’s our responsibility to help to save our planet. #prayforamazonia 

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Jeff Bezos' D.C. mansion will have: — 2 elevators — 25 bathrooms — 1,006 light fixtures — A full movie theater Amazon's Whole Foods cut health benefits for part-time workers less than 2 months ago. Tax the rich.

What do these corporations have in common? Amazon Chevron Eli Lilly Halliburton General Motors Honeywell Duke Energy Deere Aramark CMS Energy Occidental Petroleum Netflix IBM Kinder MorganDevon Energy ... they avoided all federal income taxes last year.

The Amazon Washington Post and three lowlife reporters, Matt Zapotosky, Josh Dawsey, and Carol Leonnig, wrote another Fake News story, without any sources (pure fiction), about Bill Barr & myself. We both deny this story, which they knew before they wrote it. A garbage newspaper!

Just spoke with President@jairbolsonaro  of Brazil. Our future Trade prospects are very exciting and our relationship is strong, perhaps stronger than ever before. I told him if the United States can help with the Amazon Rainforest fires, we stand ready to assist!

The sun is out and MY garden is the amazon today :)

Popular New Amazon Service Just Comes To Your House And Kills You

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