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It’s a romantic comedy I wrote. Look for #AlwaysABridesmaid ! ❤️

Can we all take a moment and just 😍 😍😍😍 at the sight of @JordanCalloway1  😃 Hello, Mark! #AlwaysABridesmaid  #NetflixAndStayStill 

I wanted to write a film where we got to SEE two people fall in love. Like THE moment. #AlwaysABridesmaid  #NetflixAndStayStill 

If you missed out on seeing my screenwriting debut #AlwaysABridesmaid ! It’s on @BET  at 4pm East Coast it’s on RIGHT NOW!

Nothing like a fine man showing vulnerability. We see you, Mark! #AlwaysABridesmaid 


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?? her friends are the best - they always have her best interest at heart! #AlwaysABridesmaid 

We can’t deal. Where is our Mark in real life?! #AlwaysABridesmaid 

Are you guys loving #AlwaysABridesmaid  so far!? The gang is all here live tweeting!

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Tonight is finally the night! Grab your girls and join us for the premiere of #AlwaysABridesmaid  TONIGHT 8/7c!

That is the mighty #TelmaHopkins ! I remain floored that she said yes to playing our #Ruby ! #AlwaysABridesmaid 

Guys! It’s STARTING! Pleas LIVE TWEET #AlwaysABridesmaid  with us NOW! @BET 

Check out a sneak preview of #AlwaysABridesmaid  premiering this SATURDAY 8/7c!