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Happy Birthday to my darling @DinoMorea9  My constant partner in crime and one of my first friends when I was wide eyed and all of 19 in Mumbai. Keep smiling & keep shining always 😍 Loads of love .. xoxo 💓 #Ting  #friendsforever 

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LeBron has the teammate he’s always wanted in Rajon Rondo.

The Welsh have always been able to get a laugh. But has the world been laughing at us or with us? 🆕 Elis James: Funny Nation 📺 Tonight, 10.45pm @BBCOne  Wales

I pray that the Lord, who gives peace, will always bless you with peace. May the Lord be with all of you too. -Thess 3:16

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. - Andy Warhol

🗣 "It's always nice to score, but it's even sweeter when it's a team goal and I finished it off today." @ArsenalWFC  goalscorer Kim Little on her goal in the 3-0 victory 👉

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The smell got me high as a kite her sweet perfume tingling brown eyes, black hair, I had to stop for a moment can we dance just move groove with me, girl you're blowing my mind, she smiles, then pulls me close and said I'm married; the good ones are always taken.

Whenever you modify someone else's tweet always use the code "MT" for "Modified Tweet."

You can always count on the French to politicize an institution

Martin: “The two Man City penalty shouts aren’t penalties under the laws.” 😡 Ian: “Handball should always be handball, intentional or not!” @MartinLipton  & @IanOllie7  clash over the current handball laws and VAR 🖐 What do you make of this? 🤔


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Thank you for staying and cheering for us even though it was so cold. I think I’ll remember Chicago ARMY always. I love you guys and I’ll come back next time! Make sure to drink hot water and take a hot bath before you sleep~ good night ARMY!😍💜 #yourlovev 

We’ll always remember you Rosebowl. ARMY, We’re so beautiful and shined brighter than anyone else. We promise that we’ll come back. Thank U 🥺😍 고마워요 아미 💜💕

So many incredible memories. Days like today are days for reflection, so proud looking back! Thank you for ALWAYS having our backs! Big love to the lads! #9YearsOfOneDirection 

I’ve always drawn inspiration from what Dr. King called life’s most persistent and urgent question: "What are you doing for others?" Let’s honor his legacy by standing up for what is right in our communities and taking steps to make a positive impact on the world.

Always have struggled to bite my tongue

Happy Valentine’s Day, @michelleobama ! Almost 28 years with you, but it always feels new.

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Twitter is built by immigrants of all religions. We stand for and with them, always.

Michelle and I are thinking of the victims and their families in Barcelona. Americans will always stand with our Spanish friends. Un abrazo.