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Indeed, Mr. Mallikarjun Kharge is a man of amazing consistency.

When Shri Alok Verma was appointed CBI chief by the selection committee, he dissented.

Now, when Shri Alok Verma has been removed by the same Selection Committee, he has dissented.
CBI Director Alok Verma sacked by selection committee headed by PM Modi.Modi and Justice AK Sikri voted against Verma,Mallikarjun Kharge voted in favour.Justice Sikri was the key factor who voted against Verma.What a roller coaster ride for Alok Verma!!
SC reinstating CBI director Alok Verma is a direct indictment of the PM. Modi govt has ruined all institutions and democracy in our country. Wasn't CBI director illegally removed at midnight to stall the probe in Rafale scam which directly leads to PM himself?
Justice A K Patnaik, the retired SC judge who was supervising the CVC enquiry that eventually led to the ouster of CBI Director Alok Verma said there was “no evidence of corruption” against Verma, and “what the CVC says cannot be the final word”.
High-powered cttee & CVC Chowdary sack Alok Verma on the basis of circumstantial evidence. But when similar evidence existed in Birla-Sahara diaries against 'Guj CM', Chowdary as CBDT chief sat on file, and SC did not even allow a probe to take place!
Tonight I had to walk out of a show anchored by

I was told show was on how Alok Verma's removal had "dented the image of NDA". Instead it turned out to be an "expose" on Verma's deputy AK Sharma.
Shameless cover up!

Disgracre in the name of journalism!
SC reinstates Alok Verma as CBI Director, can't take major policy decisions for now. If he can’t take major decisions what’s the point of reinstating him? You are either there or not there.
Mr. Prime Minister, you must read the Supreme Court Judgment reinstating CBI Director Alok Verma via @pGurus1
My comment:The PM must sack those who advised him that he by-pass the SC laid down procedure. PM is precious not advisers.
Exclusive: CVC Met Alok Verma to Request He Withdraw Adverse Comments on Asthana | @Rohinisgh_ET report vi@thewire_ina
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