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Many years ago, Doc refused to give Austin Rivers his allowance money. Tonight, Austin got his revenge.

It has all come a long way since my old man was refused a permit to return to the ammos because he received a $4 traveling allowance from a League club back in the day. @VAFA_HQ 

Opinion: A Bill to introduce a new communication allowance for MLAs does not pass the pub test, argues former ACT Remuneration Tribunal chair Anne Cahill Lambert.

"Err on the side of caution when you decide not to tip 20% and make an allowance that we too could be having a bad day." Should I tip 20% in a restaurant even if the service is mediocre?

Bought the @disneyplus  subscription. I’m pretty sure I just contributed to the @danorlovsky7  wardrobe allowance in his new deal.

As 15,000 disadvantaged teens drop out of college and sixth form in one year - @UKLabour  will bring back the Allowance'>Education Maintenance Allowance

#Generalelection2019 LIVE: 15,000 disadvantaged teens drop out of college and sixth form in one year. #Labour  claimed the toll could be blamed on the #Tories  scrapping the £30-a-week Allowance'>Education Maintenance Allowance in 2011. #GE19 

"Teaching supplies allowance is not an expenditure, but an investment that yields the highest social and economic ROI (return of investment)," Recto said.

Should you give your kid an allowance? Most parents say yes, doling out some $30 a week

Monthly allowance from Parañaque City gov’t for JHS, SHS students up next year


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Earlier this year, Ryan Kyote used his allowance to help pay down his classmates' food service bills. He caught the attention of @GavinNewsom , who did this over the weekend. What a wonderful bright spot—would love to see more states follow suit.

4-year-old Austin Perine is using his allowance to feed the homeless

9-year-old boy pays off entire school lunch debt for his class after saving his allowance

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Energy Minister Claire Perry claims housing allowance of £9468 for her three children, one 17, two of them adults. Her Government will not provide welfare benefits for third children of poor families. Ms Perry earns £111,148 a year

“They didn’t have enough money; their per diem allowance didn’t even allow them to buy food and drinks there,” @NatashaBertrand  told @maddow  Friday night about the Air Force personnel diverted to Trump’s Scotland resort. “They felt totally out of place.”

Unlike Trump, I did not come from a family that gave me a $200,000 allowance every single year starting at the age of 3. As I recall, my allowance was 25 cents a week.

I've seen kids spill out their piggy banks and plan their allowance budget with more care than the Republicans in Congress are planning for the future of the U.S economy.

I am wearing black today because balance and inclusion and diversity is not some kind of allowance to be made to accommodate people. No, sir. It is a correction of an error. It is a righting of a wrong. And it is going to be done. Now. #TimesUp 

"I want my Allowance'>Disability Living Allowance to come back." is confronted by the reality of the suffering her government has caused.