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#Breaking | Another setback for BJP after CAA causes a rift between allies. 'Shiromani Akali Dal won't back BJP', says Manjinder Singh Sirsa@mssirsa ). TIMES NOW's Aditi with more details.

A senior defense official said that although no decisions have been made, Defense Secretary Esper has concerns about past “mission creep” in Africa and believes Europeanallies can take on additional missions and allow the U.S. to focus more elsewhere.

"We will continue to find likeminded allies across #Africa  to build economic relationships that prioritise mutual prosperity and sustainability" 👆 @trussliz  closes the #Trade  & #Investment  session at the GBUK-Africa 🌍 Investment. #InvestinAfrica 

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I think the Anglophone liberal-left has a pretty insufficient understanding of reactionary / counter-revolutionary movements, of the ways that elites can strike back when horrified of socialism. Because most cases in history were our allies and are therefore memory holed forever

Manoj Tiwari,Delhi BJP Chief: We have decided to give three seats to our allies. JDU will contest on two seats and LJP on 1 seat. Rest of the ten seats which remain, BJP will announce candidates for them soon #DelhiElections2020 

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@FaberBooks  And this from me: "At a time when #Johnson  is refusing to release the #Russia  report, it's important to understand how the Kremlin is seeking to undermine the UK and its allies. The novichok poisoning of Sergei#Skripal  shows we live in a post-rules age "

Trump’s hallmark foreign policy failure? ‘Maximum pressure,' writes @JacksonDiehl . Iran, NK, Venezuela-- bluster, dissing allies, going it alone, it's not working anywhere. @PostOpinions 

A campaign memo warns against the spread of "malicious and conclusively debunked" theories about the Bidens by President Trump allies.

#JustIn – We have decided to give three seats to our allies. JDU will contest on two seats and LJP on one seat. Rest of the ten seats that will remain, BJP will announce candidates for them soon: Manoj Tiwari, Delhi BJP chief #BattleForDelhi 

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Ruto Fights Back as Allies Join Building Bridges Initiative @dailynation  : #Kenya 

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The Constitution is clear: Congress—not the President—has the power to declare war. The House JUST voted to reassert our constitutional duty and rein in a reckless president. He has isolated us from our allies, increased the risk of a nuclear-armed Iran, and made us less safe.

What a mess in the Middle East. Shiite world enraged. Sunni states nervous. Isis fight on back burner. US allies against ISIS (Kurds) betrayed. Iran and US trading blood curdling threats. All this to make Americans safer the administration says?

This happens at every NATO summit with Trump. Every G7. Every G20. The US President is mocked by US allies behind his back.

Reality check: just 1 president ago, an agreement b/w the US & Iran kept Iran from having nukes and we had allies in the world. Now, neither are true. We breached the Iran nuclear agreement & no ally will stand with us against Iran. What’s new? We don’t have a serious president.

“The circus is coming to town. The corrupt, compromised, coward & congenital liar Adam Schiff Show on Capital Hill, brought to you by his raging psychotic Democrats & the top allies in the Media Mob. Everything you’re going to see in the next two weeks is rigged.....

Let us be clear: The president has sided with authoritarian leaders of Turkey and Russia over our loyal allies and America’s own interests. His decision is a sickening betrayal both of the Kurds and his oath of office.

“You had Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party try to hide the fact that they gave money to GPS Fusion to create a Dossier which was used by their allies in the Obama Administration to convince a Court misleadingly, by all accounts, to spy on the Trump Team.” Tom Fitton, JW

What Trump says: If Democrats play tough I will declassify “devastating documents.” What he means: If Democrats do legitimate oversight I will burn sources and allies by selectively declassifying info so my legal team can misrepresent it to the public. Why he’s doing it: Fear.

It begins by seeding the ground with a falsehood: "They spied on the Trump campaign." It's then promoted by the President, who echoes the falsehood. Then his allies call to investigate the falsehood. This is how propaganda works. It is also how democracy dies, one lie at a time.