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Justin Bieber
rt to send my boy chris paul cp3 to the nba all star game nbavote retweettovote
RT to Send my boy Chris Paul @CP3 to the NBA All-Star Game #NBAVote #retweettovote
Bleacher Report
breaking nba all star game will not be east vs west for 2018 captains will pick teams
Breaking: NBA All-Star game will not be East vs. West for 2018, captains will pick teams
Justin Bieber
toronto has been killin it and klow7 deserves to be an nba all star make sure to vote for him wethenorth good
Toronto has been killin it and @Klow7 deserves to be an nba all star. Make sure to vote for him. #WeTheNorth. Good luck buddy.
Boston Celtics
we have acquired four time all star kyrieirving in a trade with the cavs
We have acquired four-time All-Star @KyrieIrving in a trade with the @cavs.

Bleacher Report
happy birthday to a legend all time points leader 38387 record 6x mvp record 19x all star 6x nba champion 2x f
Happy birthday to a legend, @kaj33

—All-time points leader (38,387)
—Record 6x MVP
—Record 19x All-Star
—6x NBA Champion
—2x Finals MVP

One of the greatest to play the game
Bleacher Report
in 2017 magic johnson said the lakers needed a leader and traded d lo russell this year career high ppg 196 ca
In 2017, Magic Johnson said the Lakers “needed a leader” and traded D-Lo.

Russell this year:
- Career-high PPG (19.6)
- Career-high AST (6.4)
- Nets in the playoff race
- First All-Star berth
R.Lukaku Bolingoli10
heres an idea for you guys the nba has all star game dont you guys think we should organise one in the the nor
Here’s an idea for you guys... the nba has all-star game! Don’t you guys think we should organise one in the .. The north vs the south! And the fans vote... what do you guys think? 😏😉
Bleacher Report
wade or pierce you decide d wade 16 seasons 3 rings 13x all star 8 all nba teams 2x first team 3 all defense t
Wade or Pierce? You decide:

🔘 16 seasons
🔘 3 Rings
🔘 13x All-Star
🔘 8 All-NBA teams (2x first team)
🔘 3 All-Defense teams

Paul Pierce
🔘 19 seasons
🔘 1 Ring
🔘 10x All-Star
🔘 4 All-NBA teams (0x first team)
🔘 0 All-Defense teams
djkhaled s all star i m the one debuts at no 1 on the hot100 chart
.@DJKhaled's all-star "I'm the One" debuts at No. 1 on the #Hot100 chart!
@espn 2 weeks
30 years ago today ken griffey jr made his mlb debut against the athletics baseball hall of famer 630 career h
30 years ago today, Ken Griffey Jr. made his MLB debut against the Athletics.

- Baseball Hall of Famer
- 630 career home runs | 2,781 hits
- 1997 AL MVP
- 13x MLB All-Star
- 10x Gold Glove

The Kid was a legend 🙌
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