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See @JackAndJack for FREE tmrw at our #Z100JingleBall All Access Lounge! Starts at noon at the Hammerstein Ballroom 🙌
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.@SabrinaAnnLynn covering @rihanna at our All Access Lounge! #RihannaNavy take a listen 🎶#Z100JingleBall
🔥 Our #Z100JingleBall @CocaCola All Access Lounge lineup is here 🔥 So many amazing artists like:
@SabrinaAnnLynn 👏
@whydontwemusic 👏
@olivia_holt 👏
@Maxgschneider 👏
Hey guys! Don't forget to come by the Z100 Jingle Ball All Access Lounge FRIDAY DECEMBER 8 where I will be performing and giving ONE lucky fan The Perfect Gift, a @Macys Gift Card!
Our faces when we see @SabrinaAnnLynn perform in our @CocaCola All Access Lounge tmrw!!!!! #Z100JingleBall =>
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Yo! Come to the Z100 Jingle Ball All Access Lounge Today, where I'll be performing and giving one lucky fan the perfect gift: a @Macys gift card! #macysperfectgift
Don't forget to send in your pictures with #macysperfectgift to help @Macys build a picture of me at the Z100 Jingle Ball All Access Lounge today!
The smile at the end ❤️ our bb @jacobsartorius performing “Chapstick” at #Z100JingleBall @CocaCola All Access Lounge!
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We're ready for @JackAndJack to take the stage at our #Z100JingleBall All Access Lounge!! Are you?! 💕💕
WOO HOO! I'll be taking over the 'z100ny' Snapchat at #Z100JingleBall @CocaCola All Access Lounge 2moro from 3-4pm!
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