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Kate Hudson has a vodka brand — and of course it's made with alkaline water and gluten-free.

$WTER - The Alkaline Water Company's (WTER) CEO Ricky Wright on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript. Read more and get updates on any stock! #stocks  #investing  #stockmarket 

The Alkaline Water Company Inc. files News Release on SEDAR $WTER.CA #TSXV  #SmallCaps  #Food  #Beverages  #Investing 

Alkaline Water : Filing under Securities Act Rule 425 of certain prospectuses and communic... #Stock  #MarketScreener 

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The whole deal with alkaline water and whether you need to spend money on it.


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Great pice by @drninashapiro : "7 Reasons Why Alkaline Water Is Basically A Waste Of Money" via @Forbes  Eg, no evidence healthier, tap water hydrates just as well (& "240-10,000" x cheaper!)... basically, because the entire idea is nonsense.

Alkaline water sales are rising, but is there really a difference between fancy water and tap water? We put people's taste buds to the test

JUST IN: signs an endorsement deal with , the leader in the alkaline water space. Company did $200 million in sales last year.

Essentia water is flagrantly pseudoscientific. -“Supercharged” is meaningless -Water already has ions -“Alkaline” just means more OH- ions, which raises pH -Oops it’s “too pure” to test the pH it’s changing -There are no documented health benefits to alkaline drinking water

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I have been threatened by Indonesian Islamists but the most pure fanatical rage I have ever experienced is when I told a Silverlake yoga mom that alkaline water is fake

Rangers trailing Hibernian by 3 goals after just 20 minutes. After checking the score, Steven Gerrard just spat out his mouthful of Angel Revive Natural Alkaline Water with electrolytes and is now checking the small print of his contract.

Alkaline Water'>Live Alkaline Water is sourced from a natural spring in North Carolina that has been in Robert McCray's family for nearly 100 years.

I took a bath with ionized healing crystals in alkaline mineral infused water. My dog is doing hot yoga with a kelp wrap on. I can smell the success and friendship in the air, today is gonna be a great day.

Don't forget to stay hydrated during this #holiday  season as a lack of water can raise the stress hormone cortisol - the hormone that stores fat. Alkaline water is even more beneficial - my fave is ! health #bellyfat  #hydration  #holidayhealth 

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If you going to do all them drugs at least eat some vegetables and drink alkaline water . Balance that shit out!!!!