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Sir Alex Ferguson has undergone surgery today for a brain haemorrhage. The procedure has gone very well but he needs a period of intensive care to aid his recovery. His family request privacy in this matter.

Everyone at Manchester United sends our very best wishes.
What Alex Jones did to the Sandy Hook families and the memory of their children is sick and depraved.
I hope they take him for every penny he’s got.
Sir Alex no longer needs intensive care and will continue rehabilitation as an inpatient.

His family have been overwhelmed by the level of support and good wishes but continue to request privacy as this will be vital during this next stage of recovery.
The President is indistinguishable from Alex Jones at this point. Gonna be tweeting about how jet fuel can't melt steel beams any day....
We’re all thinking of you, Sir Alex.
NEW: Six families of victims killed in the Sandy Hook massacre, as well as FBI agent who responded to the scene, file defamation lawsuit against radio personality Alex Jones.
This evening, everybody at Chelsea FC sends our best wishes to Sir Alex Ferguson for a full and swift recovery following emergency surgery.
Everyone at Manchester City wishes Sir Alex Ferguson a full and speedy recovery after his surgery #footballfamily
We will keep Sir Alex and his loved ones in our thoughts during this time, and we are united in our wish to see him make a comfortable, speedy recovery.
Get well soon Sir Alex Ferguson. Hope he makes a full recovery 🙏🏼
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