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"I think this is a real danger to national unity:" Separatist talk renews in Alberta following Justin Trudeau Liberal victory. #elxn43  #CanadaVote  #yeg  #ab  #Cdnpoli 

Looking at election map of the Toronto area, it seems Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s visit to suburbs wasn’t enough to secure Tory seats. I don’t see a riding he visited that the Conservatives won. (Though very close in Richmond Hill.) #cdnpoli 

Opinion | After a super-heated campaign, Alberta left out in the cold

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Replace the references to Alberta and modern trade deals with references to Quebec, and this offers a flashback to the 1990s. I’ve always wondered what that era would have been like with Twitter.

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The Conservatives owned Alberta, winning all but one of its 34 seats and they swept all 14 seats in Saskatchewan, vanquishing long-time Liberal cabinet minister Ralph Goodale along the way. #CanadaVotes2019  #Cdnpoli 

(The way this seems to play out in Canada is the geography is very bad for Greens & NDP and thus bad for the left broadly, but the Liberals specifically benefit vis a vis the Conservatives who “waste” tons of votes winning big majorities in Alberta/Saskatchewan)

"This is a scenario now where the rhetoric in Alberta, which has been already toxic, and obviously anti-Trudeau, is only going to ramp up. @ryanjespersen  #TheShiftwithDrex 🌙 Daily Podcast#elxn43  #cdnpoli  #CanadaVotes2019  LISTEN:

Federal election 2019: Conservative sweep of Alberta illustrates deep well of resentment facing Trudeau


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Camera crew in Alberta, Canada captures man leaping into frozen pond to save his dog.

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44 years since my paternal grandmother, Alberta King’s, death. She was shot and killed in church a little over six years after her son, #MLK , was assassinated. #GunViolence  rocked my family.

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Cleaning up Alberta's oil wells could take 2,800 years, report says. So one generation gets the well, and 93 generations get the shaft

Oops. Emissions from Alberta tarsands seem to have been underestimated by, hmm, 64%. Because industry gets to estimate its own pollution

BREAKING: Supreme Court of Canada rules companies can't walk away from environmental messes by filing for bankruptcy. Ruling means Alberta’s Energy Regulator can require the trustee of a bankrupt oil company to fulfil its environmental obligations when disposing of assets.

Ninety years ago today, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born to Rev. Martin Luther King Sr. and Alberta Williams King in Atlanta. His fight for equality and dignity lives on in those today who organize for freedom and justice for all.

Crosby undressed the entire province of Alberta. @penguins  win in overtime.

Got too excited somewhere over the Rockies. Sorry Alberta, I love you. Happy Canada Day!

An Alberta Mountie in red serge chased off a black bear in what became a "very Canadian" moment