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The New York Times
the trump administration is opening up alaskas pristine arctic refuge with extraordinary speed to lock in oil
The Trump administration is opening up Alaska’s pristine Arctic refuge with extraordinary speed to lock in oil drilling before the 2020 election
CNN Breaking News
breaking donald trump will win alaskas 3 electoral votes cnn projects electionnight
BREAKING: Donald Trump will win Alaska’s 3 electoral votes, CNN projects #ElectionNight
Washington Post
one of alaskas warmest springs on record is causing a dangerous thaw
One of Alaska’s warmest springs on record is causing a dangerous thaw
Rachel Maddow MSNBC
a close race a mysterious ballot and control of alaskas house at stake the new york times
A Close Race, a Mysterious Ballot and Control of Alaska’s House at Stake - The New York Times
Washington Post
the trump administration just approved a plan to drill for oil in alaskas federal waters its a major first
The Trump administration just approved a plan to drill for oil in Alaska’s federal waters. It’s a major first.
Jake Tapper
with sen position on kavanaugh unclear alaskas independent gov and democratic lt gov come out against his nomi
With Sen. position on Kavanaugh unclear, Alaska’s Independent Gov and Democratic Lt Gov come out against his nomination —
National Parks News
rt to thank repjayapal for speaking up for alaskas wildlife and voting no on repdonyoung amendment
RT to thank @RepJayapal for speaking up for Alaska’s wildlife and voting NO on @repdonyoung amendment.
@NASA 4 years
1986 amp 2014 see alaskas columbia glacier retreat in less than 3 decades earthrightnow
1986 & 2014: See Alaska’s Columbia Glacier retreat in less than 3 decades:

@NASA 8 months
from the south pole to greenland from alaskas glaciers to svalbard operation icebridge monitors changes in pol
From the South Pole to Greenland, from Alaska’s glaciers to Svalbard, Operation IceBridge monitors changes in polar ice as seen from the air. Discover the story behind this photo from a mission to survey glaciers in southeast Alaska:
Manu Raju
@mkraju 7 months
lisa murkowski doesnt seem too concerned by trump saying shell never recover from kavanaugh vote i know alaska
Lisa Murkowski doesn’t seem too concerned by Trump saying “she’ll never recover” from Kavanaugh vote. “I know Alaska’s political terrain better than he does.” I asked her if she would run again. “I don’t have to make that decision for four years,” she said with a smile
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