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Gov. Mike Dunleavy asked President Trump to help Alaska's attorney general to bring his family to the U.S. from Colombia:

What if Trump Gave Alaska to Putin? Republicans seem to think no president’s misbehavior could ever be bad enough to warrant removal.

Alaska pot shops to be among 1st in US to allow consumption

Alaska’s legal marijuana industry hit a milestone today as regulators approved the first retail stores that will be allowed to have customers smoke or consume marijuana products on site:

The board that regulates legal marijuana in Alaska has approved the first businesses that will be allowed to offer onsite use of cannabis products in the state. MORE HERE:

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Recent letters between Gov. Dunleavy and Alaska Chief Justice Joel Bolger show that a dispute over abortion and the court system’s budget has spilled into the second full year of the governor’s administration:

NOW: @LesterHoltNBC  anchors @NBCNightlyNews  from Rockefeller Center for our viewers in Los Angeles and parts of Alaska.

10 minutes until @NBCNightlyNews  is live for our viewers in Los Angeles and parts of Alaska

The Alaska Department of Corrections is no longer moving forward with a proposal to have inmates housed out of state. MORE HERE:

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NOW: @LesterHoltNBC  anchors @NBCNightlyNews  from Rockefeller Center for our viewers in parts of Alaska, and most of the Pacific time zone.


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This year alone: -Anchorage, Alaska hit 90 degrees for the first time -Greenland lost 250 billion tons of ice -A city of 9 million in India is running out of water -Fires in the Amazon threaten a major source of the world’s oxygen This is why we need a #GreenNewDeal .

Senator Dan Sullivan is doing a great job for the people of Alaska while supporting our #MAGA  Agenda. He fights hard everyday to support our Veterans and the Military. Dan is Strong on the #2A  and is 100% pro-jobs. I give Dan Sullivan my Complete and Total Endorsement!

"A mining company secretly collaborated with Alaska's Republican governor to lobby the Trump administration to move forward with a mining project that the EPA warned could devastate the world's most valuable wild salmon habitat"

My friend Mike@DunleavyGov  of the Great State of Alaska, is being treated very unfairly by the Democrats because he is doing an unbelievable job and fulfilling every one of his promises. Now they are trying to Recall him because his agenda is the Economy, Jobs, and protecting...

Just stopped in Alaska and said hello to our GREAT troops!

To the Great people of Alaska. You have been hit hard by a “big one.” Please follow the directions of the highly trained professionals who are there to help you. Your Federal Government will spare no expense. God Bless you ALL!

In Alaska with our GREAT TROOPS, departing shortly for Japan!

I will be making two stops this morning in Japan to visit with our Great Military, then a quick stop in Alaska and back to D.C. Meetings with Prime Minister Abe went very well, and getting to spend time with the new Emperor and Empress of Japan was a great honor!

That Republicans are bribing Murkowski by letting Alaska KEEP OBAMACARE pretty much destroys the idea that this is better than Obamacare

More US citizens live in Puerto Rico than live in the Dakotas, Vermont, Wyoming, and Alaska combined. I don't see Congress lifting a finger