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According to an analysis of 2018 midterm election results by Emory University Political Science professor Alan Abramowitz, Democrats who supported "Medicare for All" in the 60 closest House elections did significantly worse than those who did not.

Alan Abramowitz at Emory University has quantified how intensely partisans hold their positions. On his scale, 51% of Republicans rank high, compared with 28% of Democrats

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Political scientist Alan Abramowitz of Emory University: “Our research shows that Americans increasingly are voting against the opposing party more than they are voting for their own party”

Can Stacey Abrams Change the Way Democrats Win in the South? (Alan Abramowitz / New York Times)

#Democratic wave likely in 2018 US #midtermelections  The party has made substantial gains in off-year polls while the #GOP  problems are far deeper than #RoyMoore , By Alan Abramowitz, the Alben Barkley professor of Political Science at Emory University.

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Partisan Gerrymandering and the Outlook for the 2018 U.s. House Elections (Alan I. Abramowitz / Sabato's Crystal Ball)

Trump was the black swan for pundits, but poli scientist Alan Abramowitz got it right back in November.