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I just saw a TV reporter pronouncing it as ‘aloo akbar’ which literally translates to ‘potatoes are the greatest’
If this guy had yelled "allahu akbar" and not "get out of my country" this would be getting nonstop media coverage
Reporting that Orlando killer shouted "Allah hu Akbar!" as he slaughtered clubgoers. 2nd man arrested in LA with rifles near Gay parade.
And, no surprise, @SebGorka lies as well, claiming i said Allahu Akbar was a "beautiful phrase." Never said it, Sebastian. Blatant lie.
“Allahu Akbar” might be an innocent phrase but not when you’re driving a truck into a crowd of civilians with intent to kill #nycattack
T 2782 - 'Amar Akbar Anthony' ran 25 weeks in 25 theatres in one city, Mumbai.
6 films of mine released 1982 - 'Satte pe Satta', 'Shakti', 'Bemisal', 'NamakHalal', 'Khuddar', & 'DeshPremi' .. 6 films in 1 year .. AND in 3 of these films I played a double role !
क्या दिन थे 🌹
A well-wisher from UAE, Akbar Saheb shared his wonderful painting with me. I thank him for this gesture.
President Obama's statement on Orlando is as false as his statement on Benghazi. Murderer pledged allegiance to ISIS,yelled Allahu Akbar.
Delhi: Poster with Maharana Pratap Road written on it pasted on Akbar road signboard.
#BREAKING Attacker in Paris concert hall shouted 'Allahu akbar', fired into crowd, witness says
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