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Man will hop out the whip and be ‘Akala my nig....’ then trail off and pause themselves and say brother, big man, king or just say sorry fam you know what I mean, but let me get a pic though. More than 50 times this has happened..

That moment tho right after the game when Thirdy hurdled over everyone else just to hug his mama. 😭😭😭 (As a mom akala ko maiiyak ako swear)

@ConstantKC  Timbang: Minsan, they only know one fact, pero akala nila they know the whole truth. #Talkback  LIVE:

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Reading ‘Natives’. This is the day Akala’s mum found out he knew she was white but that he was not. He was five years old.

Akala mo special ka? Special din sila! Got the job hunt blues? We feel ya. Head on over to and get the help you need! #Hustle 

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@BruceTRodriguez  Ang on PH gov't fuel unbundling plan: "Akala ko ba market force? " He says, when global fuel prices are down they're not compensated on inventory losses; but when global prices are higher they're pressured on their inventory gains | via @BruceTRodriguez 


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"Every generation pretends gang crime is a new problem." Rapper and author Akala says the social indicators of violence have "remained identical for almost 200 years".

AKALA knowledge is power ! Bad man

Man is officially Akala'>Dr Akala now as I got an honorary Dr Of The Arts from Oxford Brooke's University today, safe.

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Exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Grenfell United's campaign video made by survivors & bereaved. With celebrity help from Adele, Stormzy, Marcus Mumford, Akala and Lowkey - it calls for the whole country to never forget what happened 18 months ago. reports

Akala tells Owen Jones: ‘The black-on-black violence narrative is rooted in empire'

Akala: 'People get more upset by being called a racist, than by racist things happening'

Here is a transcript of the lecture I gave at the Southbank the other night Big up again to Akala for having me on