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Hillary Clinton doesn’t need definitive evidence to know that Donald Trump, aka ‘Putin’s Puppet,’ is ‘taking Russian help for himself’

Hillary Clinton doesn't need concrete evidence to know that Donald Trump, aka 'Putin's Puppet,' is 'taking Russian help for himself'

IMPEACHMENT So I'm thinking that the road to progress for America is not idealistic compliance but resistance to a complacent norm.... does that make sense ? We aren't dealing with politically correct adversaries. Aka Putin, Kim Jong, the Iranians, etc. RD

The normalization of Putin continues to grow. Analysts this week are devoting lots of time analyzing all of his rational, calculating, strategic (aka "normal") moves to preserve power or leave power. The words "dictatorship" or "autocracy" rarely pop up.

Russian government resigns in Putin power shakeup (aka #Putin2024 ). Live updates here:

Nord Stream 2 aka Putin’s Pipeline is expected to be completed by January 2020, generating billions of $$ that could be used to fuel Russian aggression. Time is running out for the US to act.

NEW: The US Treasury has targeted the assets of Yevgeniy Prigozhin aka "Putin's Chef" for his role in 2018 mid-term election interference. 6 other individuals are also named in today's action. Treasury says they are targeting Prigozhin's assets including his jet and yacht:

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@FBI  @RepTedDeutchD  @moscow_projectu  @HouseJudDemsrin  @RepKenBuckg  @RepCicilline  @RepRaskinhis  time, argued @RepMcClintockthat  Russia's IRA isn't part of the Russian government because it is a private entity owned by Prigozhin, AKA "Putin's Chef " Odd to see a Member of Congress providing Russia plausible deniability. #MuellerHearings 

"Uliana" is latest addition to Pravda's political beer collection, iconizing controversial former Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine Uliana Suprun. Other political figures honoured - Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel aka Frau Ribbentrop, Putin Huilo…

????? ??? ?????????? ????-??????? ?????????: Trump + Putin. Two white supremacist & fascists adept at media manipulation; so symbiotic as to be the same. Interchangeable ????????: false news, propaganda with few or no facts aka @FoxNews 


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Sounds like Atty Gen Barr is out of the loop: He seemed surprised when told that Trump's campaign chief Manafort (aka federal prisoner 35207-016) gave polling data and strategy to a Russian buddy of Putin's with close ties to Russian intelligence. Barr didn't seem to know this

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WOW: The is investigating a series of cyber-attacks against a Dem candidate seeking to challenge the Russia-friendly Republican , aka "Putin’s favorite congressman,” scoops , who notes it's not clear who's behind the attacks.

Siberian kindergartners pledge to march into the "final battle" to retake Alaska if Putin -- aka Uncle Vova -- orders them to.

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Ill be on @donlemon  tonite to discuss my latest- how Trump & Agalarov, AKA "Putin's builder," came to do business

On @FaceTheNation , @LindseyGrahamSC  says more sanctions on Russia would get 75 votes in the Senate. 'Beware of the teddy bear.' (AKA Putin)