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AirPods'>Noise-canceling AirPods could be coming, so you can finally block out the world entirely:

This is a very interesting read by @ameliargh  on how crowdfunding for things like AirPods, parties and holidays has somehow become much more socially acceptable

Don't let their look dissuade you. AirPods can be life changing.

Here are the new features Apple’s planning for the next iPhones, iPads, AirPods, and MacBook Pro

"For weeks, my AirPods'>Apple AirPods have been getting subtly quieter."

Trying to protect your #AirPods  case? Here are the best case covers you can get right now.

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New iPhone Pro, AirPods 3, 'cheap iPad' and biggest MacBook in years revealed by huge Apple leak


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iPhone Pro detailed: triple back cameras for wide-angle photo/video, on-board AirPods charging, multi-angle Face ID that work flat on a table, improved waterproofing & shatter resistance, new matrix chip, matte backs, more

Absolutely shaken by the way this man on Muni is wearing his AirPods

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R.I.P 🙏 @lilyachty  had to lay his AirPods to rest today.

AirPods are ugly. There. I said it.

Predictions for #AppleEvent  -iPad for Boys -Apple Watch can now scream -Apple TV comes preloaded with Dexter season 8 -Airpods will block your friend's boring podcast -iPhone for Boys

MacRumors is giving away AirPods 2! Check out our AirPods roundup to enter to win. !

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The guy in line behind me at the grocery store is wearing airpods. How cool is it that the rich and powerful go shopping just like us 😍😍

the new airpods look exactly the same as the old ones how will people know that I am richer than those with the old AirPods

Did you just get AirPods for Christmas? I regret to inform you that AirPods 2 are dropping soon. #ComplexNews