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"My dream was always that we could play in any random shirt, but if you watched us play, you would say, ah that's Liverpool" ✊ #LFC  Team Culture with Jürgen Klopp Part One, presented by @WesternUnion .

Ah! The weekend! Time to get away from work screen and stare at fun screen for a couple days. See you on the other side, readers!

@AdamSerwer ah, but you see Adam, if we acknowledge their existence — if we write about and theorize and explicate them — then we’re just “race hustlers” out for a quick buck.

Alan Blinder wraps up his talk with Powell with one of the greatest Freudian slips ever........ "We thank you, we the citizenry of the United States, for your service, and are deeply in your regret, ah, debt......"

ah yes, forgot about that piece I was just looking at the second condition. good eye.

Men argue over queue-cutting at McDonald's in Clementi: 'Your father's road ah?'

"Ah~they're finally getting it! Getting what? You'll see." *SMM

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U either a boss or u work for ah boss.

Ah well fuck it . I apologise if I'm not jumping around on stage as much , stupid knee ! #kneedtogetbetter  ( terrible joke)

dry me ah desert him, nuh time to have you lurking, him ah go act like he nah like it

Ah Yeah, A massive Happy 10th Bday to my little Sister Safaa today x

Ah amazing what a great day thanks japan time for a break

@TomTheWanted ah I know it's embarrassing when your shit isn't it

Subtitles; ah Jesus lads will you stop hitting the slither against the wall they're just after painting it ya b******s ya ... Your welcome

Ah it's only just hit me now! soo proud to be Irish right now! what a game! What a tournament!

Ah Dublin ... That was absolutely mind blowing ... The loudest , craziest show ever