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Asawin Suebsaeng
this is 1 of the weirder stories ive reported on on this wh a wh meeting between trump amp war veterans devolv
This is 1 of the weirder stories I’ve reported on on this WH: a WH meeting between Trump & war veterans devolved into a bizarre debate where the president wouldn’t stop arguing to vets, including Vietnam vets, that it was Agent Orange not napalm in the famous APOCALYPSE NOW scene
George Galloway
has the usa forgotten millions of vietnamese and cambodians massacred and gassed by agent orange by them
Has the USA forgotten? Millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians massacred and gassed by Agent Orange. By them.
Paul Krugman
hoo boy many people including agent orange may not realize just how ignorant and irresponsible this is 1
Hoo boy. Many people -- including Agent Orange -- may not realize just how ignorant and irresponsible this is 1/
@ajplus 2 years
busta rhymes and a tribe called quest called out president agent orange for his muslim ban at the grammys
Busta Rhymes and A Tribe Called Quest called out “President Agent Orange” for his “Muslim Ban” at the #Grammys.
The Daily Beast
early on in the trump administration the president and omarosa met with veterans organizations at the white ho
Early on in the Trump administration, the president and Omarosa met with veterans organizations at the White House, only to end up fighting with them about napalm, "Apocalypse Now," and Agent Orange. “It was really fucking weird,” said one attendee
The New York Times
during its grammy performance a tribe called quest accused president agent orange of perpetuating evil
During its Grammy performance, A Tribe Called Quest accused “President Agent Orange” of “perpetuating evil”
BuzzFeed News
busta rhymes just referred to donald trump as president agent orange while performing with and atcq at the
Busta Rhymes just referred to Donald Trump as "President Agent Orange" while performing with and ATCQ at the #GRAMMYs
Witch Homie Karms
when you tell busta president agent orange is trending on twitter
When you tell Busta "President Agent Orange" is trending on Twitter.
Glenn Greenwald
tomorrow on the nyt op ed page let us re discover the joys and benefits of agent orange by dow chemical
Tomorrow on the NYT Op-Ed page: "Let Us Re-Discover the Joys and Benefits of Agent Orange," by Dow Chemical
@RapUp 2 years
busta rhymes i just want to thank pres agent orange for perpetuating all of the evil that you ve been perpetua
Busta Rhymes: "I just want to thank Pres. Agent Orange for perpetuating all of the evil that you've been perpetuating throughout the U.S."
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