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@morriseric  Interesting that the @DCPinfo  have been pushing a strong anti-diagnostic agenda for several years but psychologists do not seem strongly anti-diagnostic in the UK or abroad. Seem to have a balanced view of "some diagnosis are helpful but some much less so "

At #AMIA2019 , #AHRQ  funded researchers and staff will present their findings every day. Check AHRQ agenda for times and locations.

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Welcome to Brussels @AnttiRinnepj  Together with the prime minister of Finland we are preparing different topics that will be on #EUCO  ‘s agenda in December#climate  #MFF  #EU2019FI 

Katherine Dellar of Australia chairs today's meeting of the Committee on Safeguards at the WTO. A record number of safeguard actions are on the agenda for discussion. Find out more here:

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Pence aide says Trump's Ukraine call seemed for the president's "personal political agenda"

NOW ONLINE - Topics and background info for the #EYCS  Council on 21-22 November: 👉 Background brief: 👉 Agenda highlights:

🏇 Defi Du Seuil gets Geraghty giddy with Tingle Creek next on the agendaRead more here 👉

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"I do hope that the next time we meet some of you will be working for the @EBRD ..." Our @ebrdsumasuma  has been talking to students @EwhaWomansUnivrom  today. "You can & should make make a v real contribution to the development agenda yourselves."


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Don’t ever forget - this election is about YOU. It is about YOUR family, YOUR future, & the fate of YOUR COUNTRY. We begin our campaign with the best record, the best results, the best agenda, & the only positive VISION for our Country’s future! #Trump2020 

“There is no Whistleblower. There is someone with an agenda against Donald Trump. What he was blowing the whistle on didn’t happen. We have the transcript of the call. This is all a farce and no Republican should forget that.” @dbongino  @foxandfriends 

Once again, nothing that Fiona Hill said today in her deposition was classified. None of it should have been hidden from the American people. But @RepAdamSchiff  continues his agenda to impeach the President with a secretive, biased, and unfair process.

We are fighting for all Americans, from all backgrounds, of every age, race, religion, birthplace, color & creed. Our agenda is NOT a partisan agenda – it is the mainstream, common sense agenda of the American People. Thank you El Paso, Texas - I love you!

Thank you India! The faith placed in our alliance is humbling and gives us strength to work even harder to fulfil people's aspirations. I salute every BJP Karyakarta for their determination, perseverance & hardwork. They went home to home, elaborating on our development agenda.

If you watch & RT one thing this year it should be this. articulates perfectly the failed Democat strategies that have kept so many Americans down for so long all to perpetuate their agenda of dependence and victimhood for votes.

Only fools, or people with a political agenda, don’t want a Wall or Steel Barrier to protect our Country from Crime, Drugs and Human Trafficking. It will happen - it always does!

After watching Attorney General Barr’s tortuous explanations for a long list of misrepresentations, it’s clear: Barr views himself as Trump’s lawyer, not America’s lawyer He was hired with an agenda to protect Trump And Barr, like his boss, is grossly unfit for the office

. our good-hearted show and especially our Leslie Knope represent the opposite of your pro-slaughter agenda - take it down and also please eat shit.

It’s disgraceful that the POTUS is using the death of Edwin Jackson to mislead the American people into thinking that issue of crime in America are undocumented immigrants solely to further his racist agenda.