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The Reverend Joseph Lowery, the longtime civil rights leader who co-founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, died on Friday at the age of 98.

Joseph E. Lowery, prominent aide to Martin Luther King Jr. and civil rights campaigner, dies at age 98

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According to family members, one of Atlanta’s most revered civil rights icons and a lightning rod for community activism has died at the age of 98.

Italy #coronavirus  - Two elementary school age brothers at home alone after grandmother died of the virus and mother also in hospital. Local mayor has become guardian and volunteers keeping the children fed and looked after: (it)

The Rev. Joseph E. Lowery, a veteran civil rights leader who helped the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and fought against racial discrimination, died at the age of 98.

Shedding tears, negotiating refunds and Zoom weddings: Getting married in the age of coronavirus

22% of children under 5 are stunted. As a consequence of poor nutrition and/or repeated infection they are significantly shorter than the average for their age. In 1990 the share was 40%. From our work on undernourishment

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NEVER FORGET | Civil rights leader and winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom Joseph Lowery died at age 98

ADDITIONAL RELIEF IN ECONOMIC STIMULUS PACKAGE: Based on what I have read, in addition to the $1,200 per taxpayer, plus $500 per dependent child under age 17, stimulus payment the economic relief… > #provocative  #taxpro  #opinion 


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Breaking: A child under the age of 18 has died of coronavirus in Los Angeles, public health officials announce, in what is believed to be the first child death from the virus in the US. “A devastating reminder that COVID-19 infects people of all ages,” LA health official says.

XXXTentacion has been pronounced dead at the age of 20 years old after being shot in Deerfield Beach, Florida

When he was in midst of the fight against HIV/AIDS, Dr. Fauci was known to run 7 miles daily. I just asked him if he still keeps to that exercise regimen. No, he says, noting that he is working 19 hour days to fight the coronavirus. He is down to 3.5 miles -- at the age of 79.

I think is a great Spider-Man. He is the exact height and age I envisioned when I first wrote Spider-Man. Spidey was never supposed to be too large. How is my friend Tom doing?

I will be signing our 738 Billion Dollar Defense Spending Bill today. It will include 12 weeks Paid Parental Leave, gives our troops a raise, importantly creates the SPACE FORCE, SOUTHERN BORDER WALL FUNDING, repeals “Cadillac Tax” on Health Plans, raises smoking age to 21! BIG!

My parents knew even from a young age I was some sort of Shakespeare virtuoso

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Just a thought: Which should be considered more “marginal” - believing in Santa at age 7 or not believing in climate change at age 72?

Just 6 hours left and my age is no longer cool sounding #21wentquick  x

I love my boys and maybe things have gone a little sideways I apologise for that.We are only in our 20's we all do stupid things at this age

"FaceApp" which has recently gone viral for its age filter, now owns access to more than 150 million people's faces and names. According to their user agreement, the company owns a never-ending, irrevocable royalty-free license to do almost anything they wish with them.