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Trump reading a statement about Afghanistan means nothing. Let him do a press conference and take detailed questions about the war.
Important day spent at Camp David with our very talented Generals and military leaders. Many decisions made, including on Afghanistan.
You can't announce a strategy that relies on complicated diplomacy with Pakistan/India/Afghanistan when you're firing all the diplomats.
Bottom line conclusion on Pres. Trump's Afghanistan speech? We will continue to spend and bleed; no end in sight.
Soldier Excited To Take Over Father’s Old Afghanistan Patrol Route
There is not a confirmed US Ambassador to Afghanistan at present.
Trump on Afghanistan strategy: "we will not talk about numbers of troops." (Don't the American people deserve to know how many we send?)
.@POTUS presented a new plan for Afghanistan that looks a lot like the old plan, except more troops & more indefinite. Here are my concerns:
The American public deserves more details from POTUS on Afghanistan. Congress should ask for the specifics and then debate & vote on an AUMF
Trump: ‘We Will Fight In Afghanistan Until Victorious, Or I Change My Mind, Get Distracted, Look Bad, Or Get Bored’
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