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These young kids got the ultimate surprise when the Kings reunited them with their dad who was serving in Afghanistan 🙏
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Will be doing a live Thanksgiving Video Teleconference with Members of the Military at 9:00 A.M. Afghanistan, Iraq, USS Monterey, Turkey & Bahrain. Then going to Coast Guard Quarters, Florida.
#HappyThanksgiving from @USArmy and @USNationalGuard #soldiers serving with Task Force Marauder in #Afghanistan. 🦃
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Per @MSNBC just now. The Trump administration is potentially about to deport the wife of a U.S. soldier set to be deployed to Afghanistan.
Important day spent at Camp David with our very talented Generals and military leaders. Many decisions made, including on Afghanistan.
The Fake News is now complaining about my different types of back to back speeches. Well, there was Afghanistan (somber), the big Rally.....
All the feels. 🙏

Notre Dame's Matt Farrell gets surprised by his brother's early return from Afghanistan.

Chief Warrant Officer Jacob M. Sims of the US Army died in Afghanistan on Friday.

And @realDonaldTrump’s silence is deafening.
When this Marine was deployed in Afghanistan, he met the a stray dog — and had no idea how brave they would both have to be to get home 🐶💕
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8 months
BREAKING: US military drops 21,000-pound non-nuclear bomb -- known as the “mother of all bombs” — in Afghanistan
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