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"Andrea M asks Bernie: Cut deal with Taliban even if that means the end of the Afghan govt? Bernie: yes, it’s time to bring our troops home. I’d like to hear the other candidates on this." — @KathaPollitt 

On Nov. 12, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani announced a deal to release the two hostages in exchange for three Taliban members.

At least 13 members of Afghan forces were killed and five others were wounded in a Taliban attack on a military base in #Kunduz  province on Tuesday evening, a source said. #Afghanistan 

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U.S.-TALIBAN PRISONER SWAP: American Kevin King and Australian Timothy Weeks are free three years after they were taken captive by the Taliban after a prisoner swap for three Taliban leaders held by the Afghan government. @DavidMuir  reports.

13 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Taliban Attack in #Kunduz  #Afghanistan 

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The Afghan Taliban on Tuesday released American and Australian university professors held hostage for more than three years, officials of the three nations said, completing a delayed prisoner swap and raising hopes for a revival of peace talks

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Taliban frees two Western prisoners, U.S. sees hope for wider Afghan peace

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Despite a stall in formal diplomatic negotiations between the Taliban and the U.S., Afghan women should continue to build a unified stance to strengthen their voice in peace talks, Ghani said. #AfghanPeace 

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Pompeo welcomed Taliban release of US hostage Kevin King & fellow prof Timothy Weeks of Australia as “good step,” said he expects “handful things after that” in addition to Afghan soldiers’ release—all to “build a foundation” for successful peace process.


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"Imagine if Barack Obama had invited the Taliban to Camp David just a few days before the 9/11 anniversary...Republicans in Congress would be drawing up articles of impeachment." My full interview on @MSNBC  today, on Trump, the Taliban, & the Afghan war disaster. #TalibanTrump 

A peace deal at #CampDavid  between US and the Taliban with the Afghan government present but effectively sidelined - all announced and cancelled in one Trump tweet? This is what passes for strategy?

LATEST: Bolton thought the agreement in principle in Afghan peace talks inadequate and reminded Trump of potential pitfalls. Trump, frustrated, wanted to hammer out accord personally. Taliban, including Baradar, never made it to US. Story by me & @nwadhams 

This was the joyous moment a smiling six-year-old couldn't help but dance after receiving his new prosthetic leg. He lost the limb when he was two years old as a result of the conflict between the Taliban and Afghan security forces.

17 years of war in Afghanistan may finally be coming to an end. The cost: $932 billion in U.S. expenditures. The dead: 14,000 civilians, 2,419 Americans, 1,142 coalition members, 62,000 Afghan military and police, possibly as many Taliban.

VIDEO: The image of Murtaza Ahmadi sporting a plastic Messi jersey went viral in 2016 and later that year the Afghan boy met his idol in Qatar. In November he had to flee his home as it came under Taliban attack

Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Afghanistan complains to UN Security Council on Pakistan’s engagements with Taliban on which Afghan govt isn't consulted. It not only undermines ongoing peace efforts but violates Afghanistan's National Sovereignty & UNSC Resolution 1988

This Afghan boy met Lionel Messi after going viral for wearing a jersey made from a plastic bag. Now he's a target for the Taliban and had to flee his home.

Breaking News: "It's a massacre." A bomb in an ambulance killed at least 63 people in Kabul, days after another major Taliban attack in the Afghan capital.

Taliban leader Mullah Omar has died, Afghan government sources say, but the militant group has not commented