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U.S. special envoy discusses Taliban deal with re-elected Afghan president

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Our experts explain the latest developments in the Afghan peace process: what the deal with the Taliban entails, what intra-Afghan talks might focus on, and what it all means for Afghan women. More analysis:

Frank Anderson, an American spymaster who oversaw the Central Intelligence Agency’s covert mission to funnel weapons and other support to Afghan insurgents fighting their Soviet occupiers in the 1980s, has died at 78.

On this day in 2007 a selfless medic, Sgt. Buddy J. Hughie, was killed by insurgents while trying to save the life of an Afghan soldier. He left behind a son and wife and family who miss him terribly. Have a thought for them if you could.

My report, #Afghanistan  peace prospects: “The Taliban can restrain themselves, & the Americans can restrain themselves for sure. But all these [Afghan government] forces, I’m not sure they can resist attacking if they see Talibs moving around.” @csmonitor 

The United Nations Mission in Afghanistan "takes note of the announcement of the final results" of the Afghan elections, and takes note of "concerns made by candidates and their supporters" but the "UN stands ready to welcome and work with the future administration..."

WATCH: Afghan artist brushes aside disability to open arts centre

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Kabul – President Ghani met with German Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Markus Potzel and the two sides exchanged views on bilateral ties, regional issues and recent progress in the Afghan peace process, the Presidential Palace said in a statement on Wednesday.


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Assange has been arrested in relation to a US extradition request for "conspiracy with Chelsea Manning" for publishing Iraq War Logs, Cablegate, Afghan War Logs, precisely the persecution for which he was granted asylum under the 1951 Refugee Convention in 2012.

BREAKING: Afghan plane that crashed was carrying 83 people

WATCH: President Trump says that he could win the 18-year Afghan War in 10 days, because he has plans that could wipe Afghanistan off the face of the Earth and kill 10,000,000 people, but "I don't want to go that route."

Each time we visit our troops in Afghanistan, I am struck by the courage & dedication with which they carry out the U.S.-NATO mission. Grateful to them & their Afghan partners for their service and for providing operational updates to our bipartisan delegation.

It's hard to over-hype how terrified you should be about the free fall of American global credibility right now. The Doral disaster, Ukraine quid pro quo, double cross of the Kurds, the Afghan/Camp David debacle. It's just one mind-blowing, embarrassing fiasco after another.

Swedish student single-handedly prevents deportation of Afghan asylum seeker by refusing to sit down on flight

For Kashmir swift strike, kudos to Namo and his HM. But minus PoK, part K problem remains. For PoK we must simultaneously break Pak into 4. If US allows Afghan elections on Sept 28th, Afghan will be an ally of India. If Iran neutral and China properly briefed, it will be easy.

ICC Source: Fight broke out b/w Pak&Afghan fans in Leeds because a plane was flown which had Balochistan slogans. Apparently it was an unauthorised plane that flew over the stadium&political messages were visible. Leeds air traffic will investigate. (Pic courtesy: WorldBalochOrg)

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They’re here! The Afghan girls arrived in the U.S. for their robotics competition after their visas to enter were initially denied.

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