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$AFG#American  Financial Group Inc. American Financial Group, Inc.: | #equity  #stocks 

Germany's Special Envoy on Afghanistan Markus Potzel tweeted: "US-Europe+UNAMA met in Dubai today. Discussed ways forward towards a comprehensive peace process for AFG. We agreed that reduction of violence remains key."

@revrrlewis  Here's a breakdown: • He said he worked as a contractor, there was a huge 2000s economy among Afg-Ams that basically just meant cashing large checks working as 'contractors' 'linguists' and 'advisors' in Afg. A huge number had no idea of the culture, history or language

@PartyReaper  @revrrlewisNo , there are a lot who got clearance, and cashed the checks (which I'm sure he did too). There was a huge war-time economy of Afg-Ams cashing checks as contractors in 2000s He meant the communist governments of the 1980s (which were atrocious and abusive and repressive)

$AFG#American  Financial Group Inc. American Financial Group, Inc.: | #equity  #stocks 

In short, India's diplomatic landscape: - South Asia neighborhood pissed off (Nepal, SL,Afg,BD) or inimical (Pak) - West pissed off or doesn't care (Ger,US,UK,Can) Only Fr standing - China inimical -ASEAN pissed off -Jpn barely hanging in

$AFG: American Fincl announces plans to exit from Lloyd's of London Market; reaffirms previously announced 2019 core...

American Financial Group Inc $AFG Expected to Announce Earnings of $2.21 Per Share


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Would like to thank the Govt. of Afghanistan, especially President@ashrafghani  for their cooperation in bringing Judith home. @ARG_AFG 

Putin to Megyn Kelly: Don't use terrorists to oust Assad. It's not worth it, like Al-Qaeda's creation in Afg & 9/11

Pakistan is a Benedict Arnold ally who supports multiple terrorist organizations, inc. groups that 🎯 Americans working to stabilize Afg.

#WT20 Hashflags people!! Show your colours NOW! #AFG  #AUS  #BAN  #ENG  #HK  #IND  #IRE  #NET  #NZ  #OMA  #PAK  #SA  #SCO  #SL  #WI  #ZIM 

Afghan-India Friendship Dam is a Multipurpose project planned for generating 42 MW of power, irrigating 75000 hectares of land. @ARG_AFG