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Saudi Arabia – a country that's bombed thousands of innocent Yemenis & stands accused of murdering journalist Jamal Khashoggi – is shelling out millions to lobby the Trump Admin. My bill to wou#EndCorruptionNowld ban Americans from lobbying for foreign governments like Saudi.
Trump admin moves $260M from cancer research, HIV/AIDS and other programs to cover custody of immigrant children costs
In order to pay for detaining migrant kids, the Trump admin. plans to divert funds from:
--Cancer research
--Women’s shelters
--Substance abuse programs
--Health care for people with HIV/AIDS
--Head Start

The cruelty of Trump and his enablers never ceases to amaze me.
Here we go again. The Trump Admin is trying to take away your health care by ending protections for ppl w/ pre-existing conditions. It will hurt millions of Americans. Spread the word. Call your Congress member & tell them to stand up for you: 202-224-3121
1. Woodward book paints Trump as dangerous, dumb & unfit.

2. Anon Op-Ed by admin official says there is resistance in the WH trying to protect country from Trump.

3. Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator in a fed crime.

And yet, Senate is about to approve his SCOTUS pick?!
Revoking the security clearance of an honorable patriot is a stunning abuse of power & a pathetic attempt to silence critics. This is yet another disturbing attempt by to @realDonaldTrumpdistract & divert attention from his Admin's , cronyi#cultureofcorruptionsm & incompetence.
The disappearance of journalist Khashoggi amid evidence of possible murder at hands of Saudi officials in Turkey is a mystery. It demands a thorough examination by US intelligence and a forceful response by Trump Admin which has coddled and condoned Saudi leaders for too long.
No amount of @realDonaldTrump tweets can change fact that real wages are declining; while cost of living– esp gas prices & health care costs, thanks in large part to GOP & Trump Admin–are continuing to climb, & families are struggling to choose which basic necessities to pay for.
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