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Nice piece on Ibn Khaldun, who anticipated Adam Smith by centuries
Maybe somebody should declare this Economist Day -- both Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes born on this date.
We live in a strange world: "Adam Smith Institute calls on Osborne to back Varoufakis's Greek debt-swap plan"
BREAKING: Leicester sack players James Pearson, Tom Hopper and Adam Smith for ill-dicipline during clubs end-of-season tour to Thailand.
69' - Goal. Bournemouth 1 United 3.

Adam Smith pulls one back for the hosts, firing into the top corner from 12 yards. #MUFC #BOUMUN
QUALITY: Bournemouth's Adam Smith with one of the videos of 2015.
Adam Smith died #OnThisDay 1790. How people have misinterpreted his ideas
Adam Smith was born #OnThisDay 1723. How people have misinterpreted his ideas
“The Wealth of Nations”—Adam Smith's magnum opus—was published #OnThisDay 1776
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