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can someone hand me an oscar i need to give it to adam sandler for uncut gems

Adam Sandler already gave the year’s best Oscar speech — just not at the Oscars

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After Adam Sandler was snubbed out of an Oscar nomination for his critically acclaimed performance in Uncut Gems, he decided to clap back at the ceremony.

Adam Sandler missed out on an Oscar nomination, but he got his own back with this hilarious, expletive-laden speech over the weekend. #Oscars 

Adam Sandler will not collect an Oscar, but at least he won 'best personality'

Adam Sandler won't join his fellow leading men in taking home an Oscar tonight -- but really, who cares about those "douchebag mother--" @ByEliott :

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Adam Sandler laughs off Oscar snub as he wins indie acting award: "Their handsome good looks will fade in time, while our independent personalities will shine on forever."

Uncut Gems not getting a single Oscar nomination is ridiculous. It’s because Adam Sandler is Adam Sandler that they couldn’t just look at his incredible acting and sports theme always hurts. Utter garbage.

Adam Sandler threatens to make a movie that is 'so bad on purpose' if he doesn't win Oscar for Uncut Gems

Adam Sandler Says He's Going To Make A Terrible Movie As Revenge For His Oscar Snub

Adam Sandler wasn't nominated for an Oscar, so what bad movie will he now make 'on purpose'?

#UncutGems will sucker punch you in the face until Adam Sandler gets an Oscar nomination

Adam Sandler threatens to make a movie "so bad on purpose" if he doesn't win an Oscar for 'Uncut Gems'