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Progressives want activists, not judges. Far-Left Group Releases List of SCOTUS Names with Minimal Judicial Experience

Abortion activists are defending the torturing and killing of unborn children. These types of abortions literally rip off the arms & legs of little babies. BAN ABORTIONS NOW! Abortion Activists Defend DismembermentAbortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs

#Colombia | At least 234 social activists have been killed since President#IvanDuque  took office on Aug. 7, 2018. #Indigenous  #HumanRights 

Environmental activists warn that Saudi Aramco's long-delayed IPO will enable it to raise billions of dollars that will be used to worsen the climate crisis

NYC City Council Backs Plan to Close Rikers as Activists Call for No New Jails

First U.K. Chick-fil-A Set to Close Just One Week After Opening Following Campaign From LGBT Activists

Big Ben was draped in an Extinction Rebellion protest banner today as environmental activists gathered for the final day of climate demonstrations in London

Here’s a better shot of Greta Thunberg wth Indigenous climate activists on the front steps of the Alberta legislature #ableg  #GretaInAlberta  A while ago, you could hear the truck convoy honking from 109 Street. They have faded away now. #ableg  #GretaInAlberta 

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LIVE Climateactivists, oil and gas supporters, to converge at Edmonton climate rally with Greta Thunberg

Motion backed by some activists in her Dún Laoghaire constituency was ruled out of order


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Activists laid out 4,500 pairs of shoes in front of the European Union in Brussels today to represent every Palestinian killed by Israel in the last 10 years. (Photo credit: Avaaz)

don’t let anyone convince you it’s cool to “not care”. apathy is wack. be passionate about the things you love, and the things that you fear. the greatest young creators and activists of our times cared. A LOT. “idc lol” is waaaaack. we can do better fucks sake.

Activists placed 7,000 pairs of shoes in front of the US Capitol building on Tuesday, to remember children killed by gun violence since the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre

Environmental activists warn that if the Amazon reaches a point of no return, the rainforest could become a dry savannah, no longer habitable for much of its wildlife. If this happens, it could start emitting carbon -- the major driver of climate change.

Wow. Big scoop by : The Trump administration created a "secret database of activists, journalists, and social media influencers tied to the migrant caravan and in some cases, placed alerts on their passports."

These Black Lives Matteractivists were invited on stage at a pro-Trump rally – and every American needs to hear what they said

Meanwhile, on the hottest day in the history of France, here’s shocking video of police spraying tear gas in the faces of climate activists in Paris. This happened today. Do not look away.

In recent days we have heard shameless attacks on our courageous law enforcement officers. Extremist Democrat politicians have called for the complete elimination of ICE. Activists'>Leftwing Activists are trying to block ICE officers from doing their jobs and publicly posting their...

Dear Student Activists From Stoneman Douglas, Keep doing what you’re doing. The fact the the right wing “media” is attacking you means what you’re doing is working. We are standing by your side. With Love, Support and Appreciation, Me

The so-called angry crowds in home districts of some Republicans are actually, in numerous cases, planned out by liberal activists. Sad!