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What hope is there for fixing the criminal justice system in the U.S.? The Intercept's @mehdirhasan  is joined by musician and activist@johnlegend  and founder and chair of Yes on R @osope . #Deconstructed 

SA prisons are the 'worst places', offer 'no rehab', says Fees Must Fall activistKanya Cekeshe | @Sestien_Ngqaks 

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China legal activist who called on Xi to 'give way' arrested: activists

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Police in China have arrested a prominent activist who had been a fugitive for weeks and criticized President Xi Jinping’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic while in hiding. @AFP 

Former security branch police officer Nicolaas Deetlefs will continue to face cross-examination at the inquest into the death of anti-apartheid activist Neil Aggett in the High Court in Johannesburg on Tuesday. #NicolaasDeetlefs  #NeilAggett  #SABCNews 

#coronaviruschina Police in #Chinahave  arrested a prominent activist who had for criticising President Xi Jinping's handling of the #coronavirusepidemic 

China Arrests Activist Who Criticised Xi Jinping Over Coronavirus

James Warden’s lawyer has questioned why counter-terrorist police were tasked with probing the vegan activist, who has now admitted he was involved in stealing a calf but only “provided the muscle”: 🔒 #perthnews 

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8-year-old Indian climate activistLicypriya Kangujam called out the media for calling her the "Greta of India," saying: "We have common goal but I have my own identity." "If you call me "Greta of India," you are not covering my story. You are deleting a story."

Another activistObama appointed judge has just ruled against us on a section of the Southern Wall that is already under construction. This is a ruling against Border Security and in favor of crime, drugs and human trafficking. We are asking for an expedited appeal!

“What we should do as individuals is to use the power of democracy to make our voices heard and to make sure that the people in power cannot continue to ignore this.” - Climateactivist@GretaThunberg 

"They are violating our human rights ... This should be criminal." This 17-year-old Indigenousactivist from the Ecuadorian Amazon called out world leaders at #COP25  for criminal negligence.

singer, song writer, actor, actress, athlete, activist, a scientist on the mfing side, the star of the crystal of the dayayayyayaayy, coconut water connoisseur and THE INFLUENCER OF THE YEAR: @bretmanrock  #PCAs 

So President Trump mocks a 16-year-old climate activist. Of course he does. He can't help himself. Deep down he knows she and her mission will far outshine his discredited denialism.

"You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words," climate activistGreta Thunberg tells the UN. "We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you."

"You say you love your children above all else, yet you are stealing their futures right before their very eyes," - This 15-year-old activist just called out world leaders for their global inaction on climate change.

Artist. Activist. Angeleno. L.A. mourns the loss of one of our own, Nipsey Hussle.

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When I was 14, an ACT-UP activist interrupted the Easter service our family attended. I never worried he would assassinate my father or mother and understood why he was shouting in church. This week, someone sent a bomb (no “”) to my parents’ home. There’s no equivalency.